Wednesday, September 21, 2011

songwriting & visit

Spent some time tonight with an old friend. He had shared some lyrics with me on a private Facebook conversation and we met tonight to work out a melody. Turns out we had similar ideas for it. I added a couple of minors and created a bridge in the music, but otherwise it's what he had already created.

Well - turns out he had several things he's written over the years and another one was 99% ready for performance! It has a nice 2-step beat and I *will* be bringing it out at Halls...

Thanks, Bobby, for letting me collaborate with you, and for bringing out the Missouri Nine String!

To everyone else - stay tuned... I dozed off when I got home, so they are not recorded yet, but you'll hear them soon...

(the pic above is one I pulled from the Internet - I wish I had grabbed a shot of his before leaving)

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