Tuesday, December 12, 2017

12 of 12 December 2017

I don't know how many pictures are coming up - I'm typing this before I upload them...

This first picture is all that remains of the first 'hospital' in Dyersburg. There was a large house that sat on the corner. These steps are visible in old pictures of the house and are all that remain.

Vanessa and I enjoyed War Room finally, and we are ready to begin our Bible Study based on the movie and the message behind it.

I shared a couple of memories on Facebook today - I snapped a shot of my computer screen.

This sits on my desk. Vanessa bought it for me a couple of years ago. :-)

Cookie time! 

Vanessa made a couple of Saw Dust Pies for work tomorrow. Here's a shot of them cooling.

To finish out the night, Vanessa worked on her jewelry while I painted on some X-Wing ships while listening to Shuttle Tyderium Podcast.

The Shadow Caster - I had painted on it before, but this time I added some blue accents.

The Hounds Tooth. Kyle picked this up for me at Gencon. The green really changes the whole look of it!

A Firespray I had painted before - I added some Green to it.

Another Firespray that had not had any paint added to it yet. Just some red panels and such.

See you next month! :-)