Sunday, September 11, 2011

old post - more caching on break

This is a short post from March 25, 2009. It references an album over on Mobile Me, but I've put those pics in the post below...

Two days later, on the 23rd, we decided to grab a few more caches before heading out to dance. I took more pictures than normal, so you’ll find the full write up over on the Albums page.

And of course the Album was prefaced with - As mentioned over on the blog page, I decided to post here so I can chronicle the photos better.

Vanessa getting ready to take pictures of her own

The tire didn’t want to come back out...

Equipment at the parking coords

cool looking bridge

yep, it’ll hold us

Bashful with the cache

Because of Winn Dixie


More bubbles...

she had fun and I had fun snapping the pics

almost done...

one more...

time to save the rest for the next finder

interesting bird’s nest we found on the way out

another shot - much smaller than it appears here

last one - couldn’t get a good focus - too small

making our way back out

where to next?

grabbing shots of a baby horse on the way out

wanted a place like this as a kid to play in

Conan came to mind

Mississippi River Bridge

part of our caching gear

another shot of the bridge

unusual view

chain link wire?

they were hanging the wire

stopped at the rest area for hotel info
cute arrangement on the mantle

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