Thursday, September 8, 2011

old post - caching on break

Here's another old post - this one from March 25, 2009, back when we were a lot more serious about the sport/hobby called Geocaching. We don't do much of it anymore, as other interests have taken its place. I do miss the riding around at all hours of the night with my sweetie though. :-) I will say that we still do that some, just not caching along the way. :-)

Anyway - here you go...

On the 21st, we decided to run to the store to pick something up and found we were close to a cache, so we made our way to GC19HR6. The pic above is Bashful logging the cache. There was also an interesting marker (which was the reason for the cache location) -

I picked up some CO2 cartridges at the cache site to use possibly down the road with modeling.

We headed on to Jackson to pick up a few others. Vanessa grabbed this shot of me finding a PNG.

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