Wednesday, September 21, 2011

old post - busy busy busy

Early morning here - knowing it will take a while to get caught up on the old posts, and knowing I don't want to lose them when MobileMe goes away... Here's one from April 15, 2009.

WOW! Lots going on lately. So much that I’ve been remiss at updating my blog like I promised myself I would.

So, rather than have one long post, I’ll break this up. A quick update since the last post...

More dancing with some playing along with the band, laptops for [most] all of the teachers at school, and we made our 1000th find in Geocaching!

I’ve been listening to a new podcast as well as not updating my own . Several new pieces of software have been brought to my attention. Which ones? You’ll have to come back for a future post... :)

Back to the virtual treadmill...

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