Sunday, January 17, 2016

Greenman Designs Review

Last year I bought into this Kickstarter -

This was a campaign run by Josh Greenman of Greenman Designs -

I had wanted to get acrylic maneuver templates and tokens and was THIS close to buying from another company when I heard about this campaign. I was so impressed with the look of it that I immediately jumped in. Then I saw the price, but Vanessa said, "it's almost your birthday - go for it!"

Well, yesterday it came in! I had promised some pics for the others that are waiting and decided to go ahead and do a full review.

First impressions - WOW - I had heard that Greenman Acrylics were the best around and I am NOT disappointed! The kickstarter campaign was indeed a VERY long wait, but it was WELL worth it! I am so impressed with the product that once this kickstarter is over and he is taking regular orders again I WILL be ordering more!

First up are stress tokens. In full disclosure for an objective review, I've included what might be an error.The one on the left is the KS Backer version that came with this campaign. The one beside it doesn't have the paint in the middle. The next one has the center cut out. Only a couple were like this and I don't know if it was on purpose or not, but I actually like the design! Next is the original cardboard token and last is a 3D printers one that I painted (I printed a few a couple of weeks ago).

Next up, Shield Tokens. One the left is the original cardboard (well worn, of course). Really excited to get these to the table!

On the left is the cardboard Ion Token - middle is the Greenman version - on the right is the Greenman Energy Token for epic play (I didn't grab a cardboard to compare with as I don't keep epic tokens with my other tokens. :-)

On the left is the Kickstarter custom Greenman - in the middles is the original cardboard - on the right is the FFG one from the prize support.

Sorry about this pic... The lighting is not good and it is a little blurry, but the tokens on the left are WONDERFUL! The blue is a nice contrast to the green evade. On the left is the Greenman. Next is the same thing but 'cut out.' Looks really cool! Then the original cardboard and finally a 3D printed and painted one I did.

Critical hit tokens - the original cardboard and then four designs from Greenman - single explosion and tripled explosion - both solid and 'cutout.'

These are reinforce tokens - some are cutout and some are not (again, no original comparison as I don't keep epic tokens with my others).

Not Greenman, but something I'm gonna send to him... I've started making 'chance cubes' (great for when you have to randomly determine initiative and other 50/50 things). The one on the left is a little different design I'm working on. The idea was to LOOK home made and not 'professional' so that when it's worn a little it will look more like Watto carries...

My personal gift back to Josh for his great work. :-) I also sell these, if anyone is interested.

These are some VERY interesting tokens! You can use these for marking crits as well as use of things. There were two of each of these - Agility +1 token, attack dice -1 token, all turns red, elite pilot skill used, another token showing pilot (maybe for once a round pilot abilities?), astromech token & 0 PS token.

There were four of the items on the left. These are used to mark the position of a ship on the board. Also shown are one of the ship markers from each faction. These are designed to go in the bases with a matching number on the pilot card.

Included were full color asteroids and debris. As soon as he has them available, I will be buying the ones to replace the ones in the new core set. Shown are two of the originals and their acrylic replacements.

This is too blurry - sorry - I was trying to show how much thicker the acrylic asteroids are. They also have the non slip backing.

Just to show that the sizes are IDENTICAL so these are great replacements.

Target Locks - on the left is one I found a pattern for and 3D printed. Next is the 'insert' from these (planned to use them as yet another TL). Next is the original cardboard. After that is the rebel version, then 'free standing' rebel, imperial and scum. They snap into the bases, so these can be used as 'traditional' lay down TL's too.

Bomb tokens, alongside the original cardboard versions.

On the left are two 'firing arc' templates. One just slips on the front of the ship base and shows the firing arc - the other has a place to slip the range ruler. Now that I use a laser I don't know how much use they will get, but they are cool looking. The bigger item is a barrel roll template. It is designed to allow you to place beside a small base ship and shows the maximum forward and reverse barrel roll positions.

The heart of the kickstarter, and the reason I originally jumped on board! These are the FINE movement templates and range rulers. The quality, the look and the feel are all TOP NOTCH! They include non slip backing and the colors really jump out! I went with the option to have my name engraved on them as well. :-) Can't wait to get these on the table!

The epic ruler is magnetic! :-)

Damage deck holder - came in five pieces and most of the 'tabs' broke off when I started to assemble. I was a little disappointed at first, but realized everything holds together just fine once it is assembled, plus now that I use foam cases I plan to make a spot to hold it and just glue it together. Even though some of the little pieces broke off it's still functional and still looks good.

Not sure how legal these will be for tournament play, so I'll make sure to have the original copies handy 'just in case,' but I must say I am VERY impressed with these ship bases and acrylic movement dials! They are magnetic but also 'spin' very well. :-) I plan to order more - not everything, but at least what I intend to run in tourneys.

Three small base cards and their corresponding dials.

Several dials stacked together. :-)

These are the non slip inserts for the bases. I glued most of them on yesterday (a little super glue holds them in place, but I ran out of glue). I got plenty of small bases and four large base. That's enough for normal play, but since I've started painting my bases different colors I want to pick up a few more.

And lastly, here is the cloak token. Shown is the original cardboard, the official FFG prize support one and two Greenman. One is shown with the painted center and one with the 'cutout' center. I'm not sure if Josh was working on an alternate design or what, but I'm glad I wound up with different 'versions.' :-)