Sunday, September 25, 2011

old post - cribbage

Another old one (BTW - yesterday's post was NOT an old one - I really did play with some professionals YESTERDAY). This one is from May 8, 2009.

I download different free apps for my iPod Touch so I can have something to do with my brain and hands while waiting in line, sitting in waiting rooms, etc. One I downloaded the other day was Cribbage Lite (I stick with the free versions on almost everything). No, I’ve never played Cribbage, as I’ve never “understood” it. This tells you how to play, but obviously doesn’t give you examples to follow. Wikipedia to the rescue (yes Brent, I used it, and I liked it - LQTM).

So now I’m wanting to try it “live.” I’m still playing the iPhone version, but I’m covering up the score and scoring on my own to learn how.

I’ve also enjoyed Backgammon on a Palm Pilot before I migrated to an iPod Touch. I haven’t found a BG game that I really like, though, but it’s cool that Colton has started playing it and enjoying it. :)

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