Monday, October 31, 2016


I just typed this reply to a BBS post and thought it might make a good blog post in and of itself...

Enjoy! (and feel free to comment!)

-=> Dallas Vinson wrote to All <=-

 DV> Here it is folks, the complete list of what is being pulled from
 DV> Netflix next month and when:

 DV>      Nov 1st
 DV> Deliverance
 DV> Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
 DV> Major League

 DV>      Nov 22nd
 DV> Let's Go To Prison

 DV>      Nov 25th
 DV> Robin Hood (1973 Disney)

Some good memories here... Deliverance is just a classic! Disturbing,
yes, but a classic! The book was fantastic and I'll never forget the
scene in the tent when the protaganist is awakened by a hawk (I think
it was a hawk) that had landed on the tent. A claw had poked through.

Soon he flew away and the protag was in and out of dreaming and felt
like he was flying along with him. The bird would come back and the
claw would be there again and once he touched it and it had blood
on it.

Powerful stuff! The writer played the sheriff at the end (notice
the good teeth?).

Escape to Witch Mountain was the first movie I remember seeing
at the theater as a kid. I had a crush on Tia. :-)

Major League - ah - this was coming on TBS or something years ago.
I started watching it cause I couldn't sleep. WOW! Great flick!

We were at the hotel watching the game last night and my wife said,
"I keep expecting Wild Thing to start playing." :-)

Prison - very funny. :-) My son turned me onto that one.

Robin Hood - the Roger Miller version. That was a regular at our
house when the boys were smaller...

Thanks for the memories!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Reading and Collecting - minor update

Okay - been a while since I posted - I still have SEVERAL things on my 'to talk about' list...

First - Andrew's birthday is Sunday and there's a party planned! And Kyle (and maybe Devin) is coming in for the weekend! Can't wait!

On the comic scene, haven't read much lately. Been reading Life Debt on the iPad from the library instead of graphic novels. Great book!

I did add to my collection though - a new order from MyComicShop came in. Will be some good winter reading. :-)

On our trip earlier this month to Indiana I found some Green Lanterns at a store! Added SEVERAL back issues to my collection at a GREAT price and was able to check several off the want list!

I also picked up a couple of Armegeddon 2001 Annuals that I didn't have from the day - one of them was the Flash Annual from that year. Was interesting reading that 'alternate' storyline!

Speaking of Flash - Season Three has been great so far! Have had some 'scratch your head' moments but also some laugh out loud moments. Just an all around good show. :-)

One last thing about Flash, we drove near Central City, Kentucky on the way back from Indiana. Didn't see Barry Allen though. :-)

More later...

Friday, October 14, 2016

12 of 12 - October 2016

Before I do TOO much out of order, let me post my 12 of 12 for October. Hey, it's only two days late. :-)

The day started with getting the love of my life out the door to head to work...

I took no pictures during work and I didn't get an offsite break all day (actually ended up working late) so no pics during the day. Following is a screen shot of the official Star Wars Dice App on my iPhone. My buddy Chris and I were doing some Star Wars RPG via text messaging.

And here's some X-Wing stuff I was delivering to my buddy Mark. has free shipping as long as you buy over $100 worth, so we will usually go in together to save money. :-)

His place of business... (I was on the parking lot waiting for him)

His truck. :-)

Inside my truck - my HAM radio on channel 50 (nationwide Simplex frequency - plus Vanessa and I use it) and the other side scanning.

Something I stumbled onto from - sent this screen shot to Vanessa but she didn't want them.

About to use this for milk. Vanessa bought it for me on our last trip to Nashville, back during anniversary. We danced at Wild Horse that night. :-)

Don't ask cause I can't tell you. :-) I must have accidentally snapped a pic, but since I don't have 12 without it I'm including it.

Here's Sophie - Vanessa's German Shephard. I was actually trying to get her to pose and the third pic is the best, but again I don't have 12 without all of them.

Do YOU have a 12 of 12 started yet? If so, link to it in the comments! I'd love to see it!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Here's another "out of order" post...

I read Batman Year One Graphic Novel over the past couple of days. The local library has a way to checkout books via Amazon to your Kindle (or in my case Kindle app). Since I discovered Graphic Novels it's a way to read more comics when I'm not AT my collection.

Yes, I have Year One in trade paperback, but it's 'handy' having this to read. This was a 'special edition' so at the back it had some notes ad sketches and original artwork, etc. It also showed a few pages where the 'news print' looks SO much more colorful! I realized that's something I've missed! When I'm reading my old books (and the old advertisements, etc.) it has that 'feel' to it. The new stuff is a little too 'slick' for me, but as long as the story is good I'm fine with it.

The next graphic novel I downloaded from the library is Batman Robin. It's from the "New 52" line and I must say I am NOT impressed so far. It doesn't have the charm of the old Bronze Age stories. I'll finish it anyway, but I don't anticipate being too impressed.

I made a trade several months ago for some Flashpoint issues and I read the Batman trio of books (at the direct request of the guy I made the trade with). WOW! If the rest of Flashpoint is that good then I AM looking forward to them! First, though, I still want to get through DC Comics Presents.

Oh - back to Year One for a sec - I also have the trade of Year Two and I have the individual issues of Year Three. I picked up the trade for Death in the Family a long time ago and I have the individual issues of Lonely Place of Dying. All good ones, but Year One is by far the best. I'm seriously thinking about pulling my issues of Legend of the Batman (I think it's called) that has a five issue run that basically picks up where Year One ended. Same style of art and narrative.

That's all for now. I'm typing this as I'm waiting for the pipes to dry on the well so I can hopefully have water IN the house again. :-)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

supports for the shelf & DC Comics Presents

I think the next few posts are going to be somewhat out of chronological order. :-)

I cut some 2/4's to use for shelf supports on my comic book shelf. It's a plastic 'utility' shelf and the weight of all that paper is making the shelfs bow, so I decided to give them a little support.

Now they are holding up MUCH better. You'll notice that I have EIGHT full boxes and a diaper box holding the overflow. I am planning to get a ninth box soon, as the collection is still growing. I also thought about building a shelf from 2x4's - if it were just a little bit wider I could hold FOUR boxes on each shelf, and I wouldn't have to worry about it bowing under the weight.

Thanks again to Kyle for giving me tips on what tools to buy and things to do and watch out for. He's a great son and I love him dearly! I'm so glad we got to spend a few days with him and Devin!

I also wanted to mention DC Comics Presents. I read Issue 19 earlier today.

Not a favorite issue, but not bad either. Had a bit of mystery to it, but was also typical of these little team up stories. Nothing epic at all, and Batgirl was really there because Barbara Gordon was there.

By the way, I didn't realize that Barbara and Clark didn't know who each other really were!

Anyway, not to run it down, but this seemed more like a 'filler quest' in an RPG than anything. :-)

Till next time...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Worlds Finest (Supergirl episode)


I have several days of memories to share and several things to talk about. So that I don't forget them, I'm going to pop them in here...

First - I finished Worlds Finest - Supergirl episode - actually Vanessa watched it with me. There was a scene where the public realizes that she is NOT a bad guy (going back to the Bizarro episode). What was MOST cool, though, was Flash being there, and it expanded on the Multiverse!

Now after seeing all of Season Two of Flash they mention the 'multiverse' and Zoom tries to destroy it all, but we only 'see' Earth 1 and Earth 2 (but as Harrison Wells says, to him HIS world is Earth 1). Then again there's a mention of yet another Earth, so the fact that there even IS a Multiverse really opens the door for a TON of stuff! Maybe in Supergirl's portion that Superman is NOT the same one that's in the movies! That means you can have the different continuities side by side and not have one 'right' and the rest 'wrong.' Kinda exciting, if you think about it like that... :-)

Anyway - I also want to mention our trip North - the weather - shopping for comic books (and finding SEVERAL bronze issues I needed) - reading an old Flash Annual - reading some Superman on the Kindle app (thanks to the library) - seeing some bridges we've never seen before - seeing the changes to Paradise Boat Ramp - watching Vanessa fly her drone in Kentucky - making some contacts in Indiana on the HAM - first episode of Season Three of Flash - whew! :-)

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Lobo, Braniac and Zatanna

Been watching Supergirl instead of reading DC Comics Presents and a couple of cool moments happened... First, there was someone hunting down prisoners and Alex & Hank were talking. One of them said something about an intergalactic bounty hunter. Alex said, "you don't think..." Hank said no - they'd know if it was him. I assume they were talking about Lobo.

This is a pic of the first issue I had with him in it...

And of course he's in Injustice...

Next episode there's a female 'computer' villain. She is called Brainiac 8. :-) I should have recognized the lights on her head, like Brainiac 5 had in the Legion books...

As for DC Comics Presents, the only issue I've read recently is issue 18. Again, the team up co-star is someone I never read. The story was okay - it tries to explain "magic" as energy from another dimension. Guess that's a scientific way of explaining it, but it still doesn't explain how 'normal' people are able to perform magic. It does, however, harken to the old adage, "sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic."

Zatanna was first discovered by me in - yep - Injustice. :-) Her flame kiss power is pretty cool...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vanessa's Radio

Well, I was outside working on her truck for four hours, but her radio is installed. :-)

It really didn't take that long to install it, once I figured out a good place to put it. :-) Originally we were going to install it in the tray on top of the dash, but I read online that it's not a good place due to the excessive heat. Of course I didn't read this until I had removed the top tray after pulling her lights. :-)

So I put all that back together and worked on some other locations, finally deciding to (with her approval, of course) mount it on the lower cup holders. The rest was fairly easy. I ran the power cables through the firewall (and just like on my truck I was being WAY too gingerly with the knife, so instead of taking two minutes to run the wires it took 30) - mounted the antenna on the hood - ran the coax - had to extend the cables to the battery (her battery is on the passenger side but I came through the firewall behind the steering wheel).

Whew. :-) Feels good to be able to do this stuff for myself though! Next will come the siren, but I still need to figure out a good place to mount it... The wires are 'bare' on the back.

KM4UXV here - KM4UXW is her call sign.