Tuesday, September 27, 2011

old post - cribbage again

Another old post archived here - this one from May 12, 2009.

We went to my mother’s house for mother’s day. After a great lunch (she really is a good cook, not just because she’s my mom), I sat down to teach my brother Johnny how to play Cribbage. Turns out several others wanted to play, so we had a four-man game in which Colton started out behind but came ahead to win.

Deb sat down to join us and we played a 5-man game (Jed made up the last spot). Lead went back and forth and we ALL had a good time.

The verdict? Cribbage was NOT just another card game. It has enough rules and strategy to satisfy the gamer in me, but is easy and quick enough to play that it doesn’t require a lot of time or setup.

Do it again? You bet! Colton and I played a quick 2-man game after the group broke up. We both agreed it wasn’t as much fun as the party style. :)

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