Tuesday, September 27, 2011

old post - pandora

Another old one - this one from May 12, 2009 along with a comment. I'll also note here that I've been using Spotify lately instead of Pandora...

I am really getting into Pandora.com

Though I listen to podcasts, sometimes I don’t want to have to concentrate on “talk” while I’m working. So, I turn to Pandora. I use it on my computer when I’m needing music or white noise while I’m working. I also use it occasionally on my iPod while walking around the schools, but my SkullCandy noise canceling earbuds keep me from hearing people when they talk. Hmm... Maybe that’s not such a bad thing sometimes. :)

My favorite way to use it is with my iPod and iHome that Vanessa bought me. It sits on my desk and charges my iPod while I’m listening to it. Talk about convenience. :)

Well, today I made a channel called “Mr. Shorty.” This is an old Marty Robbins song that I remember my dad enjoying when I was very little. I’ve always liked the song too but didn’t know till a few months ago that there were words that I’d never heard. I found them and have listened to the song and substituted the “extra” words in my mind, but that’s not the same. Well, three times today I’ve heard the full song.

I know - congratulations for being a geek. Hey, you take the victories where you can. :)

I also heard “Feleena” - a song I never knew existed. It’s the story of the dancing girl from “El Paso” from her birth till the end of the other song and beyond.

Comment from rcyork - I listen to Pandora on my computer at work and at home and on my Windows Mobile phone. It makes the commute to and from work much more interesting. I'm hearing artists I would never hear otherwise. After listening to Pandora on the stereo in my car while driving to Atlanta and back a few weeks ago, I am convinced that it and other streaming services will be the end of Satellite radio.

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