Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Now you know I can't be 100% wordless - I don't think it's in my DNA to be silent, but I wanted to share something I've been seeing on Twitter for several weeks now

This is one that is a picture only - no words, as you can tell from his description. I'm not going to make a promise that I'll start doing that, but I do like the fact that blogger lets me publish MORE than one picture per blog post, so I hope to publish more pics here (12 of 12, for example).

Anyway - today's pic is of a little ornament I received in our interoffice mail system. I have a feeling I know who it came from...

Monday, August 29, 2011

old post - life on mars

Another old post - just catching up on reposting... This one is from March 22, 2009 when Life on Mars was still not finished yet. It was a GREAT show that I really enjoyed...

Sam Tyler is a detective on a cop show called Life on Mars. I won’t expound past that because if you’re not already watching this show then you probably won’t stick around for the rest of this post. :)

Still here? Ah - good. :)

If you’ve been watching the show, then you know that it COULD be time travel... or near death hallucinations... or alien abduction... etc. Me? I’m holding out for the biggie - time travel! Tyler is not the first “Sam” to leap back in time...

Those of you that know me know I’m nuts for time travel stories, so needless to say when Life on Mars started being previewed, I was all over it. Like last year’s Journeyman, I thought, “finally, a dramatic time travel show.” What I got in the bargain was much more. Each week we get a little better look at Detective Tyler and his life, both as an adult and his history. In addition to that, the shows are very entertaining in themselves. Add in the time travel strand and you have built in cliffhangers.

But enough about the background. This post assumes you already know all that. What I want to discuss is MY thoughts on what’s happening to Sam and what we might be finding out in the next two weeks (the last two episodes, supposedly). First, you know I *want* it to be time travel, but that’s not good enough. We have to have evidence to support it. So far all the things that could be attributed to time travel could also be attributed to an hallucination. If we assume that what we see on the screen is really happening in 1973, then we can only assume it’s time travel.

WOW - I just realized this will be harder than I thought... Rather than try to convince you that it is time travel, let me just give you my thoughts on some things and how they might play out.

1)Sam has confided in Annie. So far Annie hasn’t totally dismissed him. Is it because she likes him? Or does she believe him? I think she believes that HE believes it, so she’s willing to appease him. She also can’t deny that Sam saved her life when she wore the red dress. Unless he could see the future some other way, that was a BIG step toward belief in her mind. Putting myself in her shoes, I can see how it would be hard to accept this.
2)Sam has ONLY confided in Annie. He’s not told anyone else, so he’s not a threat to whoever/whatever sent him here. I’m referring of course to Project Aries. What is it? Who is it? The folder looked to me like a joint venture between the Soviets and Americans. Did they send him back in time or are they looking for travelers or something else?
3)In the episode where there was the accountant being pursued, he indicated to Sam that he arrived in 1973 with an apartment, a history, papers, etc. Sam thought he was from 2008, but instead he was from 2009 (our time, basically) and said Obama had won the election (news to Sam, since he leaped before November). He was also talking about it and apparently being silenced.
4)Sam gets a mysterious phone call from someone that apparently knows about him being an immigrant to 1973. Looking for answers, Sam follows the caller’s instructions, which lead him to a house where, in the next episode, he finds a dead body. Internal Affairs interviews Sam, Ray, Chris, Gene, etc., but they destroy the tapes of everyone except Sam. My theory is that they were checking to see if he would talk about what had happened to him. Either they concluded that he is unaware (doubtful, since they called him again after the interview) or that he can be trusted not to talk. Either way, the question still remains - did they do this to him?

This is so circular that it’s hard to put it out in a linear fashion. I think that Sam’s memories from when he was a kid are because he’s there now. In other words, it’s a closed loop. But is it a loop that can be changed? Did he cause his mother to come home crying and wake him up as a kid? If so, then did it happen to his younger self because of the same events or not? If slightly different, but same outcome, then he can change the past. If the same, then it’s a closed loop.

The thing that puzzles me, though, is why did Sam have a job, apartment, clothes, identification, a car, etc. in 1973? If it’s an act of GFTW (God/Fate/Time/Whatever from QL), then there’s the answer. If the government did this to him, then they could have set all that up. His hair was different enough that they would have had a hard time faking a photo ID of him before the change.

Actually, the more you try to find answers, the more questions you discover. ABC promises that “after next week, all questions will be answered,” but I don’t believe it. Unless he wakes up from a coma and it was all a dream (perhaps Annie is the nurse that’s taking care of him, and she’s become part of the hallucination; perhaps Gene is the surgeon or head doctor; Ray & Chris the orderlies), how else is it explained? I will say that I will be sorely disappointed if that is the answer...

This week’s show saw him promise Annie that he’d take her out when he gets home. I hope he can follow through with that...

old post - fasting

Here's another post from March 15, 2009 - along with a comment...

I subscribe to’s biblical passages - kinda like a VOTD (verse of the day). While reading some old email, I ran across the entry for Friday the 13th -

The Hidden Fast

"When you fast, don't make yourselves look sad. The hypocrites do that. Don't be like the hypocrites. They make their faces look strange to show people that they are fasting. I tell you the truth, those hypocrites already have their full reward. So when you fast, make yourself look nice. Wash your face. Then people will not know that you are fasting. But your Father that you cannot see will see you. Your Father sees the things that are done in secret. And he will reward you."
-- Matthew 6:16-18 (ERV)

My take on this...

This should apply to much more than just fasting. Besides, anyone that’s seen me in person knows I’m not a faster. Faster eater, maybe, but let’s just say that I did NOT give up fried food for Lent...

At any rate, I’ve always loved the quote, “Share the Gospel daily. Use words if necessary.” I feel like if we’re fasting for the proper reasons, we should NOT show it. Does this mean that I should hide the fact that I’m saying Grace at lunch? No. I see that as a point of witnessing, but I’m not going to stand up and ask everyone around me to be quiet while I say my prayer, and I’m not going to say it where everyone else can hear me (I’m not talking to them anyway - ask me if you haven’t heard that old joke ;) ). I think if I did either of those things that I would like those hypocrites.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you...

Comment from Chris -

Hey Jim! Thanks for sharing that. I tend to feel the same way. Unfortunately, for me I don't have much to be hidden over to begin with when it comes to fasting! (meaning I don't do it enough)

Hey thanks for the call at work the other day; great to talk with you. Hope it works out for us to do lunch sometime ... (oops, we were talking about fasting :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Only Love

Silver Anniversary - that's what tomorrow is. Vanessa and I were married 25 years ago tomorrow. She just gave me my card for this year and it really touched me. It was as if she had written it herself. THANK YOU!!!

I gave her her gift Friday night. I surprised her with a song I had written just for her and to commemorate this time. I'll be recording it and putting it online very soon, but wanted to keep it a secret until it was time to reveal it.

A special thank you to those that had a hand in helping me pull it off, and a thank you to those that knew but still helped to keep the secret. A BIG thank you to Vanessa - for the years she's given me as well as the support and the love.

You have always been my only love...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

old post - i watched the watchmen

Another old one - this one from March 15, 2009

i watched the watchmen

First, I hate that I went two full days with no update... Both days were kinda out of the ordinary though, so I’ll use that as an explanation.

Yesterday, I found myself alone with a few hours, so I went to see Watchmen. I was VERY impressed with the characterization as well as the cinematography. Was it 100% with the graphic novel? No. Did it remain true to the original? Yes! I was very satisfied with the adaptation and in some ways it surpassed it... All of the dark, gritty drama of the graphic novel was there, PLUS the fight scenes were brought “alive” with bullet time and superhuman speed. I text my nephew right afterward and told him that if it had been made pre-Matrix, it would not have had the punch that it did.

If you’ve seen screen shots, pics or the trailer (or read the novel), then you know it’s an alternative history piece with some nostalgia thrown in. But I must say the costumes do not look dated and it does NOT have the flow of a comic book movie. If you liked the novel but were afraid this would not be “close enough” to make you happy, go see it anyway. If you are squeamish, though, be warned. Just like the novel, there’s more than a little blood, and it is NOT done comic book style...

I was a fan of Alan Moore (who has nothing to do with the film, BTW - I even noticed his name NOT appearing in the credits even as inspiration) back in the late 80’s/early 90’s when I got back into comic books. He was writing for Batman at the time and his stories were more gritty and dramatic than campy. This is especially true of Watchmen and it carries over nicely to the film.

Please feel free to add a comment, but try to remain spoiler free, at least for the next few months. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

old post - our friend Dan

Here's another old post - from March 12, 2009. This will serve as my daily post as it's already late and time for bed. :-)

Making an early entry today while it’s still fresh information. :)

Our buddy Dan Meyer has been traveling Europe these past few days and sending us Twitter updates on his travels. He mentioned the incident in the picture on Twitter and my first thought was, “man - I’d like to visit there too.” Then I open my email this morning and here’s this pic, making it even more real. Very cool, Dan!

Before I do my usual tangent jumping, let me say that Dan can be found at among other places. If you get a chance to meet him in person, DO IT! He’s a dynamic individual and a dedicated Christian. You won’t find a finer person out there.

Now, for the tangent... Some of you know I like Stephen King. Right now I’m reading “Just After Sunset.” One of the stories I just finished last week is “N.” An awesome read, as usual, and Stonehenge was mentioned.


Comments - Greg
Glad to see what you're up to these days! I hope to see Dan again sometime as well. He's quite an interesting guy. I was voting like mad to get him along on "America's Got Talent".

I miss talking to you guys! I haven't been into caching for a while, and the last I heard you were into other things as well.

I have had a MobileMe account for years, (well it used to be .Mac) but haven't ever done too much with it other than have a place to upload stuff I want to post and use the .mac email address. I have iWeb now but have never messed with it much. Guess I need to learn!

Hey Greg! Asked about you the other day but you were in B'ville. We've done SOME caching, but not a lot. And iWeb is too easy NOT to use. ;) - Good to hear from you!

I remember when he came to Frog Jump and performed at Archers Chapel.
It was awesome. Looks like he is moving up in the world!!!!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Paradise Video

I am uploading a video to YouTube that was shot at Paradise Boat Ramp in Kentucky. If you read my old blog, you know I did this song at my dad's memorial service. Well, a couple of months ago we were traveling through the area on the way to Indiana. We knew we would be close, so we decided to make a detour. Here's the first sign that we were getting close...

We turned off the parkway and made our way toward what was left of Paradise. We passed this cafe -

Then we drove on down and saw this "personal ad" -

We turned around and went back to the crossroads at the cafe and realized what street we were on...

We drove on down to the big Paradise TVA plant. MAN! I could NOT believe how massive this thing was!

So we made our way past the plant and tried to get to the Green River. I saw a sign that said "Boat Ramp" so we headed that way. I had no idea it was the very same spot I had found on the Internet months ago... Literally. Here's a screen shot of my phone showing where we were...

So we get down there and it's very emotional for both of us... We look up the river and see the plant and we look beside the boat ramp a see a little peaceful waterfall...

So Vanessa gets her flip cam out and records me doing "daddy's song" on the banks of the Green River. Again, it was very emotional, and I'm just now taking time to upload the video. Hope you enjoy...

Old Post - Every Moment Before

(forgot to include the original pic...)

This post originally appeared on March 11, 2009.

What am I going to talk about in this blog? Everything. :)

I’ve heard it said that we are the product of EVERY moment that has come before this one. That being said, this blog will NOT be about one aspect of my life, but will vary depending on what I want to discuss. Does this mean it’s an excuse to essay ? Maybe... I love to communicate and especially enjoy emailing friends. What if the topic is not what I’m wanting to discuss though? Well, here you are!

That being said, comments are welcome! I would love for this to be a dialogue of sorts...

Now, why am I posting here and not on Facebook? Because that’s for my “friends” only, but this is for the world also. Plus I have some friends that are not on Facebook and I want to include them as well.

Let’s derail this train of thought and jump on Facebook... What’s it for? For me, it’s a way of communicating with others. I’ve posted some pics there (my 12 of 12, for example) but I don’t necessarily take pictures with the intent of including them on Facebook. By the same token, I don’t usually “browse” Facebook for pictures or other things. I have my friends’ updates set to be forwarded to my phone so I can see them real time as well as comment on the fly. Same thing for Twitter - it is rarely visited via the web and the people I really want to stay in contact with are set to forward to my phone as well.

Okay - don’t want to discuss it all in one sitting. More later...

Original Comments -

I thought I only got DW on this G4!

No man - you can do so much more, but I can see where you'd not want to. ;)

While I've personally managed to avoid Facebook so far, it's definitely getting to be more and more of a Facebook world, so I may only be able to hold out only so long! Hey, I like your blog, Jim! Looks great. I may have to try out the MobileMe thing.

Hey Jim, good to see some updates! :-) And even a new Car Wars podcast, woohoo!

I steadfastly refuse the Facebook. In fact, in the novel I'm working on now, it's implied by one of the characters that the downfall of an ancient civilization was the direct result of social networking over a massive interstellar network. So there you are: Facebook use leads to Armageddon. Hey, I didn't say it, Kirin did (one of my characters).

CJ, didn't you have a character named Kirin once...? If so...hey thanks for the name...

I'm sorry, I would have commented sooner, but I was on Facebook

Sunday, August 21, 2011

from March 10, 2009

Originally posted 3/10/09 - titled Another Year Older...

Here I am another year older and another year’s worth of water under the bridge and another dance complete and... Well, you get the picture...

Yes, this is the first entry of yet ANOTHER blog I’ve started. I think I’ve found my home now though. I intend to use this more as a journal of sorts and less of a promotional outlet. The others things I’ve done have either been centered around work, updating a PBEM game I used to run or as a podcast for our son’s band. I’ll be glad to supply links, if they’re wanted, but suffice it to say that this is going to be my presence.

Why here? Well, for one, I like Apple. :) I’m using iWeb and am actually typing this offline with intentions of posting when I get home. Now that I have a MobileMe account, I have the website as a bonus, so I figured I’d use it. Could I tie work in here? Yes, I could, but I have a blog there and our policy is to use the provided website. If I can’t let the teachers do it, why should I try?

Okay - before this gets out of hand and WAAAY too long, I’ll sign off. More next time...

Two comments -

dang baby brother!! yeah, I let your birthday slip by me....sorry about excuses, but I hardly ever know what day of the month I'm currently enjoying. lots of times I don't know the day of the week either! anyway...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and remind me to tell you about what I ran across Tuesday that you will remember when you see it...actually kinda ironic, since that was your birthday.......hmmmmmmmmm

Man....... I sure had forgotten that your birthday was in March. Hope you had a good one. You may be as old as I am now!!!!!

Moving Day

It's official - iWeb is no longer a part of iLife and Apple is doing away with their MobileMe service. Because of this, I've not blogged in a LONG time, and I've missed it. After looking at different options for a new web site, I've decided to come here for my blog and to share pictures on Facebook in public albums and link to them from here. The rest of the old web site will just sit stagnant until it finally disappears.

Just so you know, I will be reposting all my old posts from the old site. It started out as a public blog, then turned into a personal journal with public discussion. At one point it was a GREAT form of therapy, allowing me to express feelings and get things off my chest, as well as to reflect on things. I don't want to lose all that. Feel free to read the old stuff and of course commits are always welcome.