Friday, September 23, 2011

old post - the final frontier

Okay - third "old post" this morning. This one is from May 7, 2009 and has four comments as well. And I think "spoiler time" is WAAAY past on this one, if you want to comment. :-)

I attended the premier of the new Star Trek movie earlier tonight. Thankfully it wasn’t a midnight showing, as I wouldn’t have been able to stay awake I’m sure. As I get older, later nights are NOT the norm anymore.

Anyway, I despise spoilers, so I refuse to truly discuss this movie for a little while. I had a quick Twitter conversation about it earlier and I remained very closed mouth. (sorry, rcyork)

Comment #1 - rcyork - I didn't want any spoilers. I was just making sure it wasn't a bomb before I spend my money regardless.

Comment #2 - Chris - Aw you "dog"--you got to see before I did! I'm anxious to see it. It may be Monday before I can though.

Comment #3 - Jimmy - rc - not a bomb in my mind, but I know some people that might not like it... Guess that's always a risk when you "prequel," but this is pretty serious.

chris - was a last minute thing I assure you. :) Went by the theater to see if it was playing, expecting a midnight showing. Nothing. Checked the website and there was a 7 PM showing ONLY. Sat through the ads, etc., then the movie started. Wasn't what I expected, but looked familiar. Turns out it was Wolverine. :) They'd forgotten to change the movie. One of the other geeks in the theater went to tell them.

Yes, we were all guys in the room. :)

Comment #4 - Jimmy - Okay - after having some twitter, FB, forum & face2face conversations, it seems that everyone that's seen the new Star Trek likes it. That's very refreshing! It seems my anxiety about die hard fans may have been for naught...

Please - feel free to comment with a yay or nay. Try to stay spoiler free, at least for several more days. :)

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