Tuesday, February 26, 2013

music updates

Howdy! Just a little update on the music front...

I have come to realize a few things... First, that I do enjoy playing lead guitar more than bass. Both are fun, as making music itself is fun, but hand me that guitar please. :-)

Second, playing in a band on a regular basis is also fun, but since I have a "day job" that is NOT music related, the time to sit and write songs has been very hard to find... The "alone" music time I've had the past few weeks have been spent working on my chops, so to speak. Though he doesn't know it, I've been playing along with Cousin Kenny Vaughn on the Marty Stuart Show and learning not just licks but also when NOT to play - when to strum - when to accent, etc.

So - bottom line - spending time "rehearsing" has cut into writing time such that I have ZERO new material in the month of February. This is not a complaint, just an acknowledgement to myself more than anything.

We are having a GREAT time on Thursday nights in Jackson, but it looks like it may be coming to a close... The crowd has not been what the building owner wants, and I understand their position... If we don't maintain a minimum number of patrons then it's not worth it to them to open the building.

So are we quitting? Not at all! We will be there this Thursday, February 28th, and bringing our A game for your dancing and listening enjoyment. If it falls through then it was just not meant to be and I will continue to pursue music ventures in other ways.

Speaking of which - still no word on when the Open Mic returns to Jackson... I was hoping it would have started back in February, but didn't happen. Hoping for March, but I think it would have already been announced by now. As for Dyersburg, I made contact (finally) with the owner of a cafe here in town that really likes the idea. He is not normally open in the evenings, so he's having to check on some logistics...

But where ever we hold it, it will be on the third Tuesday of the month. This will prevent an overlap on  the first Tuesday at Jackson and the second Tuesday in Memphis (MSA - Memphis Songwriter's Association - has their meetings on the second Tuesday). I will create a Facebook event to coincide so I can get the word out as well...

And this coming Monday night is the annual "Celebrity Waiter's Night" at Lupos restaurant here in town. All donations that night as well as a portion of the food will go to support the Dyersburg City Schools team in the local Relay for Life benefit. Not only will there be school and local celebrity waiters and staff, but we will also have music provided by our Director of Schools Neel Durbin, local singer/songwriter Joseph LeMay, some students that will provide entertainment, and I'll be closing out the night with a mixture of original and cover tunes. Would love to see you there and would love the support for Relay for Life!


That's all for now - thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What? No songs?

Hey readers! Just an update to tell you why no songs this week...

Let me start with earlier this month. I've actually written three songs since January 1, and re-wrote an older one. All four of these are available on my YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/jimmylogan0916

Last week - no song. Things were VERY busy at work, plus some things going on at home... I did spend a lot of time working on some lead on some older songs, since I've been asked to play guitar and sing in a band on Thursday nights. So there's that.

This past week my mother's only living sister was diagnosed with cancer. It was in the latter stages and she only lived a few days, but she didn't suffer. Today was the services for her. Earlier this week we had minor well problems - at least I thought it was minor. After the "repair" it turned out it was bigger issues, and I didn't think I could get the part till tomorrow (Monday). Turns out my mother-in-law found a place in Bradford that had the part.

Got it changed out and found a leak in the tank, so I bought and installed a tank AFTER the graveside service today. Now I'm REALLY exhausted... (emotionally and physically) We have water, but the pump is not cutting off like it should, so tomorrow, when it's daylight, I'm going to follow up AGAIN with it... At least we can take showers now though. :-)

This past Thursday night was the first show for the band I mentioned above. I must say that even though I enjoy playing bass, it was VERY nice to hold a guitar instead... :-) I very much enjoyed picking the Dwight Yokum stuff that David (the bass player) sang.

We have online testing taking place this Tuesday, plus there was a Java issue that affected our mission critical attendance software this week. Made for some LONG days...

Tomorrow I'll be at the High School all day getting ready for the testing on Tuesday. Whew. :-)

So - that's why no songs this week (and no Car Wars updates the last couple of days). We did have a short Plexus meeting last night in Dyersburg and I got some answers to some questions I'd been wanting ask. All in all a good meeting and I feel even BETTER about this product that I've been taking and Vanessa has been selling. I feel better - have more energy - AND I've lost 18 pounds and 2" in my waist over the past month! If you're interested, let me know and I'll get you more details... Even if you're not looking for weight loss (who's not?) the healthy benefits are amazing!

Oh - I had a Dewey Cox moment today... ;-)

Thanks for reading!