Friday, September 2, 2016

Issue 10, Stranger Things and the weekend plans

Went home last night and did some 'yard work' - actually I was cleaning out the carport, but it was outside. :-) It was a good temperature to work outside!

I did take a break at one point and decided to read DC Comics Presents Issue 10 - one that I've been anxious to get to!

Yes, I've had this issue since it came out in the late 70's, and it was a favorite then and did not disappoint this time either! Most of you know I'm a sucker for Time Travel? Well this one has that, PLUS a promise of a tie-in with next issue!

I remember back in the day, how in the world is Superman going to be able to team up with someone in World War II !?!? Well time travel is the answer. I received a similar 'pleasant surprise' when none other than Jonah Hex shows up in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow!

Also - a special shout out to Russell Bragg! He mentioned this blog on his latest DC Comics Presents Show (podcast) which you can find at

I finished Stranger Things last night - WOW! What a great show! If you're a child of the 80's you'll enjoy the premise as well as the writing, acting and the film style! No spoilers here, just a logo... :-)

As for the weekend - tonight Vanessa and I are singing at Bolivar's Music on the Square at 7 pm. Tomorrow night I'll be playing lead guitar and singing at Henderson Family Dance - the place I used to play bass for. Sunday we have a cookout with Vanessa's side of the family.

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