Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Supergirl Emotions

Okay - last night I watched the Red Tornado episode of Supergirl. Was a cool one, since that's an android straight from the comic books.

But the episode after - WOW! Has brought tears to my eyes more than once! Very emotional episode. There's a scene where she has lost her powers but bluffs her way into getting a looter to give up his gun. All the while it's a split scene with her boss talking about regular people being heroes by doing heroic things.

Then Jimmy Olson is talking about his dad. He took a picture of him with his camera that was a gift from his dad - just before his dad went off to the gulf war. He didn't come back.

Then Supergirl finally gets her powers back in another emotional scene. When she flies off, the first thing she does is rescue a school bus full of kids from going off a fallen bridge as a result of an earthquake. I assume that's a call back to Superman The Movie. :-) Even if they didn't mean it that way it was cool. :-)

Okay - more WOW moments. I should have recognized the eyes, but I didn't. :-) No spoilers - just saying WOW. :-)

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