Monday, August 29, 2016

DC Comics Presents 6 7 8 9

Sorry for letting this slide... Actually have had two reading sessions since I posted on this last. First up - Issue 6.

I actually remember this one from when I was a kid and I liked the opening way that Green Lantern gave the ring to Clark Kent (similar to the cover) and then "Superman" arrives on the scene. :-)

I had forgotten all about Star Sapphire being Carol Ferris. That was interesting. :-) It was interesting as well how Superman was subdued by the people that would become the bad guys for...

Issue 7 -

Not a story I remembered from my youth, nor was issue 8 -

Actually I think this is one I had to pick up recently. I wasn't a Swamp Thing fan growing up, other than the movie, and I didn't even know who Solomon Grundy was until I started playing the iPad Game Injustice: Gods Among Us. This was an interesting story, but one that had no continuity with anything else I remember from the time.

And lastly, Issue 9, which I did have as a kid, but for the life of me I could NOT remember the story, even when I started reading. :-) This was a typical Four Color Adventure of the time - not really light hearted, but again a 'villain of the month' was discovered and then thwarted. Nothing of epic scale, but a good representation of the times.

Next issue is one I DO remember as a kid! Sargent Rock and Easy Company AND it involves Time Travel!

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