Tuesday, September 20, 2016

two more videos - more to come

I see it's been over two weeks since I posted. Sorry for being out of touch...

I also realized YESTERDAY while looking at my Photos app that I did NOT do a 12 of 12 this month... Maybe I should set a calendar alert? :-)

Okay - that's done - LOL

I uploaded TWO videos last night - the first is my cover of He Stopped Loving Her Today backed by the wonderful Grinders Switch Ensemble on the radio show!

He Stopped Loving Her Today (cover)

The next one is kind of interesting... A couple of weeks ago I sat in on lead guitar in Henderson. Vanessa attached her GoPro to my guitar strap and she recorded off and on as the show continued. It's a three hour gig, but the following video is only about 18 minutes.

You see the guitar neck and my fingers on the frets, of course, but you also see some dancers, the microphone stand, the other musicians as I move around the stage, etc. Hope you enjoy!

Go Pro Guitar

After work today we have a private gig. Vanessa and I are playing for a reception for Dyersburg State. Saturday morning we are singing at the Farmers Market from 8-10. Our friend Ken Jones will be sitting in with us this afternoon for a bit and for a few songs Saturday.

Sunday we will be at Woodville Baptist in Ripley for their homecoming service. We are looking forward to visiting for preaching, then having a good lunch, then bringing the song service.

Hope to see YOU soon!

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