Friday, September 23, 2016

DC Comics Presents continues

I came home from work last night with a pretty good headache, so I decided to just lie down and do some light reading. I pulled out the next few issues of DC Comics Presents.

11 - Hawkman - I actually had read this one since my last post. I skimmed it again so I could remind myself what it was about. I actually remembered Russell Bragg's discussion of it. Hawkman was never one of my favorites, but the story was okay. I realized that some of these 70's stories just don't hold up today. :-) But it still brings back memories and it's a piece of my childhood, so I'm glad I collected them!

One of the more cool things in this story is the winner of a contest was written in. I'm pretty sure it's his likeness and name and one of the last things he says is, "if only my friends could see me now." :-)

12 - Mister Miracle - another hero I not only didn't follow, I don't think I've ever read anything with him in it! I also don't remember having this issue as a kid, so it must have been one that I picked up recently in my goal of a series run.

The story was okay. It was a typical team up in the vein of the old World's Finest, etc. with Batman. Not the same powers, but the way one was trying to protect the other, etc.

13 - Legion of Super-Heroes - I do remember this one as a kid, and there's a particular panel that really calls out to my love of time travel. As I was reading this I remembered the panel before it got there. There's a scene where it's in our future, but the Legion's past. Superman sees this battle in space and attempts to intervene. The Legion warned him that it was ancient history to them, but Superman steps in anyway and the panel reads (paraphrasing here) that even Superman can't stop history.

This turns out to be a lead up to the next story. I enjoy it when they do those multi issue story arcs, especially when it involves a different team up. Pete Ross makes an appearance part way through and then at the end he vows to get even!

One other thing - I read Superbly and The Legion of Super-Heroes when I was a kid. It wasn't my favorite, but it was more Superman... In a sense. :-)

14 - Superboy - well, kinda. :-) It's really Pete Ross using Superboy's body to get even with the Man of Steel. Again, there's some time travel involved and some personality switcharoo. All in all an enjoyable story - still reminiscent of the 70's, but that's okay. :-) Again, I'm glad I have these issues and it's been fun reading them again! I will say that it doesn't take nearly as long for me to read them now as it did way back then. :-)

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