Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I've mentioned before that I love the Flash television show. I have also mentioned more recently that I'm okay with the details being different on shows and movies than what is/was in the books, including comic books. But, I must say that I have had some "wow" moments in this one. :-)

It's Sunday night and I'm up to episode three and James Olson (he prefers that over Jimmy) has a Superman Signal Watch. :-) And then it's mentioned that she was sent to Earth to protect Kal-El, not to be rescued by him. Her sister says, "one day you'll be rescuing him."

Now this gave me CHILLS! Supergirl dies in the Crisis storyline, and unless I'm mistaken she gives her life saving Superman. No, it's probably not referencing that, and it may not be referencing anything at all, but it still was a BIG wow moment. :-)

Okay - back to the show...

Oh - one more thing - she reminds me of Felicity when she's in her secret identity role. And her buddy in IT? Reminds me of Cisco on Flash. They are a 'team,' which is a working formula from Arrow and then used on Flash. No, I'm not making light of it, just pointing out that it appears to be a modern trope. :-)

Olson just told the bad guy, "I'm the closest thing Superman has to a best friend."

Episode Four has a couple of guest stars from Episode One. Her foster parents are played by Dean Cain and Helen Slater. Does that ring a bell with anyone? :-)

Also - Olson and Lucy Lane are 'together' and plan to go to Ojai for Thanksgiving. It's pronounced "oh-hi." That's the name of the town that Steve Austin is from. Not sure that's part of the plan or not, but it's cool that it's another call back to a childhood favorite of mine. :-)

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