Monday, September 26, 2016

The Weekend

No more than one post a day - that's my general rule - so I'm typing this SUNDAY NIGHT but won't post till Monday. :-)

It's been a long week... As I mentioned, a dear friend lost his son-in-law earlier this week. We went last night to a tractor pull in Huntingdon in support of the family. It was VERY emotional. Whew...

Yesterday morning we sang at the Fall Fest at the Farmer Market in Dyersburg. Vanessa's mom and dad came out! :-) There were some pictures taken, but I don't have one handy - sorry!

Today we sang at Woodville Baptist in Ripley for their Homecoming. WOW! A GREAT service all around! Great preaching - great lunch - then a great service in song! They really made us feel welcome and we got them singing along on part of it too. :-) It was also emotional, especially for Vanessa, but she made it through fine!

Afterwards we went to Crockett Mills and stood in line for over two hours for visitation for Drew. Yes, it was worth waiting that long to show our respect but also to show our support for the family. They are very dear to us and they need your prayers now and in the weeks and months to come.

Hug your kids and tell your spouse you love them. No, RIGHT NOW! Do it! We are not promised tomorrow - heck we're not even promised TODAY. Make your love known, and don't forget how you would feel if they were suddenly gone.

For what it's worth, the reason I got back into music so thickly was because I lost my dad in May a few years ago then ALMOST lost Kyle the following New Year's. After that I decided if there's something I want to do I do my best to do it. If there's something we want, we do our best to get it. You have to live today because we may not be here tomorrow...

Bless you! Thanks for reading! Thanks for being my friend or family member, or those of you that are not blood but are still family nonetheless.

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