Sunday, October 16, 2011

old post - sunday night journal

Last old post for today... This one from October 25, 2009.

Just a quick note - trying to get back into a daily routine here. :-)

Yesterday’s competition went great! It was a “first year” for that school. We made some decent money to cover our time and they sold many more “extras” than I thought they would! We cut them in for a bigger cut because so many were sold and I’ve already started burning those to mail.

Big week ahead... Tomorrow is Colton’s 16th birthday! He’s getting his license tomorrow, barring any catastrophe. :-) Kyle has some “issues” with his bank that I have to follow up on. Vanessa is studying for her First Responder’s Certification as well. It’s also “denim day” at work. :-)

Tuesday promises to be a more normal day.

Wednesday will be... “different” We’re working on our presentation for TETC so I’ll be out of the office doing that at least for the morning. I’m traveling to Nashville that night for an ENA meeting Thursday and Friday.

Here’s hoping I can keep this blogging thing up... :-)

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