Saturday, October 1, 2011

old post - home or work ?

Last old post of the morning - this one also from July 9, 2009.

Sitting here learning more about iWeb, I wonder when the line between home and work was made so small... I guess it happened when I started using a laptop for day to day business stuff. I have a separate email address for work and home, but I check them both at the same time. I check them both at my desk; I check them both at home in the recliner.

The question is now - do we “turn on” iWeb for the teachers at school? We’re using a CMS site at work - - and it’s of course cross platform (browser based). Some teachers are really using it like we want - most are not. Would they use iWeb like we’d like or would it be simply another thing that sits there and is only used by the people that would do it anyway.

Pros: iWeb is “free” if we host it locally
Cons: can’t update from home (I don’t think - have to check on that)

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