Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carson, Angels and new pic

Okay - trying out the "draft" function of blogger... I'm actually typing this right after publishing "yesterday's" post about my week in pics. I started out wanting to do a quick catch up and, as is normal for me, I had more to say than I thought I did. :-) I really must blog more often... I'm not even sure now what all I've said recently. :-)

At any rate, before I get to last night, I want to mention that as I was driving back from Murfreesboro I was listening to different things on my iPhone. I have one old podcast episode saved from a podcast that is no longer even being published. It's a song by someone called "Carsonator" and I've googled that many times in the past with no luck. Well, yesterday I had some luck... All of the google searches I did brought up the same old links with no info - except one... It listed a twitter address, which is interesting because Twitter didn't even exist back when this podcast was published.

At any rate, I found that it's a guy named Jason Carson and I have started following him on twitter -   I sent him a message to ask if I could have permission to perform the song locally, and of course he agreed right away. It's not the standard "Haggard and Jones," but I think it's a GREAT song with a great story & message behind it, and I'm looking forward to working it in.

So while I'm on his Twitter page I see that he's part of a group called Angels Landing - (geek side note here - while exploring their website I see they're using iWeb to create their site). I have several friends in the Nashville area and I implore you to find where these folks are playing and GO LISTEN TO THEM! I make several trips to that area each year and I look forward to seeing them in person. As you know, gentle reader, I was in their neighborhood just this week, but at the time I had no idea where this guy was from that did this song. Small world, eh?

Oh - quick insert here - while grabbing the links to share on this page I find this one -

So - about last night (finally). At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I nailed it. I know people come to dance and you have to play dance music for that to happen, but it was a smaller crowd and they were mostly two steppers, so that's what we keyed on, but I think they got bored of it because there was a point that they'd only dance to slow songs. And I noticed more than once that they weren't dancing, but they were having a good time anyway!

There's a particular couple that dance almost every song and I was singing a song I'd not done there before (Tennessee Whiskey, maybe? no - that came later - it was Wanted, by Alan Jackson) and they didn't get up to dance, but I noticed that they stopped talking and turned around and listened to the song. It seemed that everyone was paying attention to the music and the singing - and I got the vibe that they liked what they heard, which made me put even more into it. Well the applause after the song told me they were enjoying it, and not just tolerating it. :-)

One last thing - Vanessa took this pic of me before the show. I have my new shirt along with the collar tips she gave me, and my hat. We decided it looked okay untucked, so I wore it that way. I wanted an updated pic for blogger, twitter, etc. so she took this one for me to use...

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