Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vanessa's Radio

Well, I was outside working on her truck for four hours, but her radio is installed. :-)

It really didn't take that long to install it, once I figured out a good place to put it. :-) Originally we were going to install it in the tray on top of the dash, but I read online that it's not a good place due to the excessive heat. Of course I didn't read this until I had removed the top tray after pulling her lights. :-)

So I put all that back together and worked on some other locations, finally deciding to (with her approval, of course) mount it on the lower cup holders. The rest was fairly easy. I ran the power cables through the firewall (and just like on my truck I was being WAY too gingerly with the knife, so instead of taking two minutes to run the wires it took 30) - mounted the antenna on the hood - ran the coax - had to extend the cables to the battery (her battery is on the passenger side but I came through the firewall behind the steering wheel).

Whew. :-) Feels good to be able to do this stuff for myself though! Next will come the siren, but I still need to figure out a good place to mount it... The wires are 'bare' on the back.

KM4UXV here - KM4UXW is her call sign.

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