Monday, October 31, 2016


I just typed this reply to a BBS post and thought it might make a good blog post in and of itself...

Enjoy! (and feel free to comment!)

-=> Dallas Vinson wrote to All <=-

 DV> Here it is folks, the complete list of what is being pulled from
 DV> Netflix next month and when:

 DV>      Nov 1st
 DV> Deliverance
 DV> Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
 DV> Major League

 DV>      Nov 22nd
 DV> Let's Go To Prison

 DV>      Nov 25th
 DV> Robin Hood (1973 Disney)

Some good memories here... Deliverance is just a classic! Disturbing,
yes, but a classic! The book was fantastic and I'll never forget the
scene in the tent when the protaganist is awakened by a hawk (I think
it was a hawk) that had landed on the tent. A claw had poked through.

Soon he flew away and the protag was in and out of dreaming and felt
like he was flying along with him. The bird would come back and the
claw would be there again and once he touched it and it had blood
on it.

Powerful stuff! The writer played the sheriff at the end (notice
the good teeth?).

Escape to Witch Mountain was the first movie I remember seeing
at the theater as a kid. I had a crush on Tia. :-)

Major League - ah - this was coming on TBS or something years ago.
I started watching it cause I couldn't sleep. WOW! Great flick!

We were at the hotel watching the game last night and my wife said,
"I keep expecting Wild Thing to start playing." :-)

Prison - very funny. :-) My son turned me onto that one.

Robin Hood - the Roger Miller version. That was a regular at our
house when the boys were smaller...

Thanks for the memories!

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