Friday, October 28, 2016

Reading and Collecting - minor update

Okay - been a while since I posted - I still have SEVERAL things on my 'to talk about' list...

First - Andrew's birthday is Sunday and there's a party planned! And Kyle (and maybe Devin) is coming in for the weekend! Can't wait!

On the comic scene, haven't read much lately. Been reading Life Debt on the iPad from the library instead of graphic novels. Great book!

I did add to my collection though - a new order from MyComicShop came in. Will be some good winter reading. :-)

On our trip earlier this month to Indiana I found some Green Lanterns at a store! Added SEVERAL back issues to my collection at a GREAT price and was able to check several off the want list!

I also picked up a couple of Armegeddon 2001 Annuals that I didn't have from the day - one of them was the Flash Annual from that year. Was interesting reading that 'alternate' storyline!

Speaking of Flash - Season Three has been great so far! Have had some 'scratch your head' moments but also some laugh out loud moments. Just an all around good show. :-)

One last thing about Flash, we drove near Central City, Kentucky on the way back from Indiana. Didn't see Barry Allen though. :-)

More later...

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