Friday, October 14, 2016

12 of 12 - October 2016

Before I do TOO much out of order, let me post my 12 of 12 for October. Hey, it's only two days late. :-)

The day started with getting the love of my life out the door to head to work...

I took no pictures during work and I didn't get an offsite break all day (actually ended up working late) so no pics during the day. Following is a screen shot of the official Star Wars Dice App on my iPhone. My buddy Chris and I were doing some Star Wars RPG via text messaging.

And here's some X-Wing stuff I was delivering to my buddy Mark. has free shipping as long as you buy over $100 worth, so we will usually go in together to save money. :-)

His place of business... (I was on the parking lot waiting for him)

His truck. :-)

Inside my truck - my HAM radio on channel 50 (nationwide Simplex frequency - plus Vanessa and I use it) and the other side scanning.

Something I stumbled onto from - sent this screen shot to Vanessa but she didn't want them.

About to use this for milk. Vanessa bought it for me on our last trip to Nashville, back during anniversary. We danced at Wild Horse that night. :-)

Don't ask cause I can't tell you. :-) I must have accidentally snapped a pic, but since I don't have 12 without it I'm including it.

Here's Sophie - Vanessa's German Shephard. I was actually trying to get her to pose and the third pic is the best, but again I don't have 12 without all of them.

Do YOU have a 12 of 12 started yet? If so, link to it in the comments! I'd love to see it!

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