Monday, October 10, 2016


Here's another "out of order" post...

I read Batman Year One Graphic Novel over the past couple of days. The local library has a way to checkout books via Amazon to your Kindle (or in my case Kindle app). Since I discovered Graphic Novels it's a way to read more comics when I'm not AT my collection.

Yes, I have Year One in trade paperback, but it's 'handy' having this to read. This was a 'special edition' so at the back it had some notes ad sketches and original artwork, etc. It also showed a few pages where the 'news print' looks SO much more colorful! I realized that's something I've missed! When I'm reading my old books (and the old advertisements, etc.) it has that 'feel' to it. The new stuff is a little too 'slick' for me, but as long as the story is good I'm fine with it.

The next graphic novel I downloaded from the library is Batman Robin. It's from the "New 52" line and I must say I am NOT impressed so far. It doesn't have the charm of the old Bronze Age stories. I'll finish it anyway, but I don't anticipate being too impressed.

I made a trade several months ago for some Flashpoint issues and I read the Batman trio of books (at the direct request of the guy I made the trade with). WOW! If the rest of Flashpoint is that good then I AM looking forward to them! First, though, I still want to get through DC Comics Presents.

Oh - back to Year One for a sec - I also have the trade of Year Two and I have the individual issues of Year Three. I picked up the trade for Death in the Family a long time ago and I have the individual issues of Lonely Place of Dying. All good ones, but Year One is by far the best. I'm seriously thinking about pulling my issues of Legend of the Batman (I think it's called) that has a five issue run that basically picks up where Year One ended. Same style of art and narrative.

That's all for now. I'm typing this as I'm waiting for the pipes to dry on the well so I can hopefully have water IN the house again. :-)

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