Thursday, August 18, 2016

Issues 4 & 5

Howdy! Had a computer crash last night, so didn't get to post my reading. I went back to DC Comics Presents. Read issue 4, which I have two copies of. One of them is an original DC and the other is a Whitman reprint. It's it less than stellar condition, but the whole Whitman thing brings back memories to me...

I remember going to the mall in Jackson with my mom and we would go in Woolworth. They would often have comic books for 10 cents each and they were branded Whitman. These were limited run reprints and were always considered 'cheap' copies. Now they are actually more valuable than the originals. :-)

Anyway - issue 4 was Metal Men and I don't remember the story at all. Issue 5 was Aquaman and I KNOW I didn't read it as a kid because it was a missing issue I only found a couple of months ago. It had a Lori Lemaris storyline, which also brought back memories.

The main thing I noticed, though, is at the end it started something that I remember from other issues in this series - a teaser for the next issue! The last panel had Superman flying back to Metropolis for a press conference of sorts. This DIRECTLY leads into issue 6 with Green Lantern, which IS one I bought as a kid!

These pics are from the web - not actual pics of my issues...


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