Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gaming with Tibble

I received this email recently, and I had to go back into my memory to figure out what it was...

Oh yeah - it's a way to save a record of games that you play for a little deeper board gaming social networking. I remember adding a few games then losing interest, but it seems that data is saved! It was interesting seeing my 'games' listed -

Brought back some memories for sure, and tells me that it was just over two years ago that I introduced the addiction that is X-Wing to my buddy Mark. You're welcome. :-)

Anyway - here's the email, with the link...

Subject: Putting Tibble back in the box, and up in the attic

Hello friendly Tibbler!

Brian and I (Mike) put Tibble on the App Store over 2 years ago. We were amazed and heartened by the response of so many of you who used it. More than 2200 plays were lovingly recorded, most of those in the first year.

Unfortunately life got in the way. Well, jobs actually. That meant that we never developed Tibble any further. Fun fact - we made one small release on the App Store a couple of weeks after the initial launch but never needed to put another bug fix release out. We're proud of that. We think.

2 and a bit years later and not a lot of people are still using Tibble, it is no longer on the App Store, and so it is with some thoughtful reflection that we have turned Tibble off. 

Since the Tibble server is no longer available you won't be able to use the app on your phone any more, so you may as well delete it if you haven't already. That said we've saved your play recordings, and game photos, as follows:

Your play recordings are visible on the following Google Sheet:

This spreadsheet is visible to the world, but we're not broadcasting the link beyond you - the people who recorded plays. However if you'd like us to remove your plays from the sheet please just reply to this email to let me know.

Your photos are accessible via the web address in the 'Play Image' column of the spreadsheet above. Again, these are publicly viewable but the addresses are not being broadcast. And again, if you would like us to delete your photos please just email me and I'll be happy to do so.

We'll leave the spreadsheet and photos up for a year and then will delete them all in August 2017.

And with that it's time for one last roll of the dice, one last exchange of wood for brick, and one last placing of the meeples. We've totted up VPs and the winner is ... all of you. *shucks*

Thanks all!

Mike and Brian - Tibblers-in-Chief

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