Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DC Comics Presents

Hello, gentle reader. I just finished reading (re-reading, after MANY years) issues 1, 2 & 3 of DC Comics Presents from 1978.

You might remember that recently I obtained issue #26, which finished off my FULL RUN of all 97 regular issues and four Annuals. It was fun obtaining them all and now I'm glad to be reading them!

When I first starting looking to finish out my series run, I found the DC Comics Presents Show (podcast) and quickly became a fan. The host, Russell Bragg, gives a review of each episode and he is up to almost issue 50. I enjoy hearing the story synopsis each time as it brings back memories, but even that was over shadowed by actually READING and experiencing the stories as they were meant to be experienced.

His show can be found at https://braggaboutcomics.com - tell him I sent you!

Now, off to bed, with issue 4 coming up when I'm not so sleepy. :-)

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