Saturday, August 13, 2016

12 of 12 - August 2016

Hello! I remembered yesterday morning that it was the 12th, so I decided to pull up something that used to be 'a thing' (heck, it still may be, just maybe I don't do it anymore).

It's called Twelve of Twelve - every month on the 12th you take 12 pictures. You do it EACH month and then you can look back on your pictures for that month. Since each month the 12th will be on a different day of the week, you're not likely to have the same things pictured month to month.

I posted the first couple on Facebook and Twitter as I took them, but it was much later in the day before I took number 3. Finally took a few more - not quite 12 though. :-)

If you decide to do a 12 of 12, let me know! Link to it in a comment!

The stone in the pic above is outside where my office used to be. I assume it was a corner stone or marker for the FIRST college in Dyersburg, and I assume that's why it's called College Street.

The East wall of my office - the two in the middle were a wonderful Christmas present from our son Kyle. I found the Force Awakens one day and picked it up and Vanessa found Return to round out the original trilogy!

Before heading to the dance, we went to Pig N Out in Halls to eat. Here's the love of my life and my supper mate. :-)

This is during the first break. She had been dancing - I had been picking.

Here she is with our friend Lisa.

The guitar I played last night. Had a GREAT time picking/playing/singing with this thing!

Went to a table with some friends and said, "can I get a picture of this table?" They said, "sure!" and smiled real big. Then I took a picture of the table. :-)

Then I took a picture of my friends. :-)

Vanessa driving home after the dance.

Tried to get a pic of her boots on the pedals - that's a flashlight hanging from the gear shift.

Her satellite radio ALWAYS stays on country...

Last one of the night. I was awake, but barely. 

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