Sunday, February 21, 2016

Post Birthday

Now I can talk publicly about the party yesterday. :-) It was Vanessa's 50th birthday and I had wanted to give her a surprise party. Our friend Hope had wanted to help, so she supplied the decorations and the cake. Another friend Heather wanted to help as well so she took care of the snacks and agreed to help decorate. Another friend Lisa was there early so she helped with last minute decorations. Thank you - ALL THREE of you! - for a wonderful job.

Angela was not able to attend but brought cupcakes, which were GONE in no time. :-)

But the biggest thank you of all was to the MANY wonderful friends that took time out to come and help celebrate and show Vanessa just how much she is loved. It touched her heart, I know, but it also touched mine! There are some special friends that were, due to last minute sickness or other issues, unable to attend, and we both understand that completely! NO hard feelings at all.

To the special friends from pretty far out of town that meant their round trip travel was as long or longer than the party was planned for, that touched my heart in a completely different and special way. THANK YOU! Some even stayed around after and we had a very nice dinner at Applebees with a table full. And then, of course, the talking into the later evening on the parking lot.

A truly wonderful day!

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