Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cracker Barral

I'm sitting across the table from the birthday girl! Yep, Vanessa is growing more beautiful and precious by the day, even on her birthday!

Yesterday was a rough one, so I didn't get a post made. We buried a dear friend and it hit me pretty hard - worse than I thought it would. 

There are people we lose that we notice are gone and then there are the ones we actively miss. The latter I can count on one hand, and Max is definitely on that hand. Make it the right hand with ginger picks - or the left hand and we'll lick the slide. :-)

I did work on some lyrics the night before. No, I didn't complete a song, but I did work on an idea that Vanessa had for one sometime back. If music is a muscle then writing is too, and I flexed it a little. 

Well - breakfast is over and it's time to take care of some errands... Vanessa knows we have a reservation at 3 so Wally World here we come...

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