Monday, February 22, 2016

Future plans

Future plans...

Thinking back on Gencon 2014, one of the best parts was the cosplay. There were people dressed in all sorts of outfits - sci-fi, super hero, video games - you name it. A recurring theme was Steampunk, and on the last day we even saw a Steampunk Han & Chewie.

One of the first things we saw was a wonderful Vader costume. He proceeded to Force Choke Vanessa... :-)

Even Vanessa got into the action with her ears and tail -

Fast forward to a few weeks ago... Vanessa and I attended the Jackson Comic Con. Had a great time - saw some WONDERFUL cosplay, especially in the Star Wars theme.

They had other things as well, like several movie cars. This one was actually outside -

And then there were other 'props' that were on display...

I was particularly impressed with this lady's makeup and costume and the custom crafted saber she held!

There was a booth in Jackson that had some 'cosplay guns' for sale. We noticed they were nerf and water guns and decided we could do that...

The next weekend we went to Memphis Comic Con and saw more of the same! So we decided to check out Goodwill the next time we were in Jackson. We found the following items and the total price for ALL of it was less than seven dollars!

Brought them all home - cleaned them up good - and as far as 'future plans' go they will be sanded & painted and 'sci-fi'd up' & steampunkified up for cosplay. Very exciting. :-)

And yes, I will publish work in progress pics... I bought some 'star washers' today on a plumbing run to Lowe's to help with the work...

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