Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Lyrics

While Vanessa was preparing supper last night (that's dinner to you city folk), we were talking about different things. I was looking at Timehop and there was a note from several years ago where I mentioned I had played a 1943 Gibson Flattop. We were trying to remember where that was and Vanessa said, "Bobby Stallcup?" I said I wasn't sure - then we remembered the guy at the Baptist Men's music thingy we used to go to. There was one night I passed my Takamine off to another guy and played his old Gibson most of the night. :-)

Minutes later my cell rings - Caller ID? Bobby Stallcup. :-)

He said he had a phrase that was going through his mind and he can't get it out. Having co-written two songs with him for my CD Homegrown, I knew that when he has a phrase it means something, so I grabbed some paper and wrote it down. I then wrote down the notes he had in mind.

We ended our call with a promise that I would work on it. We had supper, did some laundry, etc. and all the while I'm humming a tune and muttering some words. No, it's not a complete song and it's not even a complete chorus, but I like it...

One last thing - Bobby DOES have a guitar I would love to own. He has an Alvarez Missouri Nine String. It's basically the top half of a six string and the bottom half of a 12 string, so you get the true bass licks and runs of a six while the 'ring' of a 12.

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