Tuesday, August 23, 2011

old post - our friend Dan

Here's another old post - from March 12, 2009. This will serve as my daily post as it's already late and time for bed. :-)

Making an early entry today while it’s still fresh information. :)

Our buddy Dan Meyer has been traveling Europe these past few days and sending us Twitter updates on his travels. He mentioned the incident in the picture on Twitter and my first thought was, “man - I’d like to visit there too.” Then I open my email this morning and here’s this pic, making it even more real. Very cool, Dan!

Before I do my usual tangent jumping, let me say that Dan can be found at www.DanMeyer.org among other places. If you get a chance to meet him in person, DO IT! He’s a dynamic individual and a dedicated Christian. You won’t find a finer person out there.

Now, for the tangent... Some of you know I like Stephen King. Right now I’m reading “Just After Sunset.” One of the stories I just finished last week is “N.” An awesome read, as usual, and Stonehenge was mentioned.


Comments - Greg
Glad to see what you're up to these days! I hope to see Dan again sometime as well. He's quite an interesting guy. I was voting like mad to get him along on "America's Got Talent".

I miss talking to you guys! I haven't been into caching for a while, and the last I heard you were into other things as well.

I have had a MobileMe account for years, (well it used to be .Mac) but haven't ever done too much with it other than have a place to upload stuff I want to post and use the .mac email address. I have iWeb now but have never messed with it much. Guess I need to learn!

Hey Greg! Asked about you the other day but you were in B'ville. We've done SOME caching, but not a lot. And iWeb is too easy NOT to use. ;) - Good to hear from you!

I remember when he came to Frog Jump and performed at Archers Chapel.
It was awesome. Looks like he is moving up in the world!!!!!!!

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