Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Post - Every Moment Before

(forgot to include the original pic...)

This post originally appeared on March 11, 2009.

What am I going to talk about in this blog? Everything. :)

I’ve heard it said that we are the product of EVERY moment that has come before this one. That being said, this blog will NOT be about one aspect of my life, but will vary depending on what I want to discuss. Does this mean it’s an excuse to essay ? Maybe... I love to communicate and especially enjoy emailing friends. What if the topic is not what I’m wanting to discuss though? Well, here you are!

That being said, comments are welcome! I would love for this to be a dialogue of sorts...

Now, why am I posting here and not on Facebook? Because that’s for my “friends” only, but this is for the world also. Plus I have some friends that are not on Facebook and I want to include them as well.

Let’s derail this train of thought and jump on Facebook... What’s it for? For me, it’s a way of communicating with others. I’ve posted some pics there (my 12 of 12, for example) but I don’t necessarily take pictures with the intent of including them on Facebook. By the same token, I don’t usually “browse” Facebook for pictures or other things. I have my friends’ updates set to be forwarded to my phone so I can see them real time as well as comment on the fly. Same thing for Twitter - it is rarely visited via the web and the people I really want to stay in contact with are set to forward to my phone as well.

Okay - don’t want to discuss it all in one sitting. More later...

Original Comments -

I thought I only got DW on this G4!

No man - you can do so much more, but I can see where you'd not want to. ;)

While I've personally managed to avoid Facebook so far, it's definitely getting to be more and more of a Facebook world, so I may only be able to hold out only so long! Hey, I like your blog, Jim! Looks great. I may have to try out the MobileMe thing.

Hey Jim, good to see some updates! :-) And even a new Car Wars podcast, woohoo!

I steadfastly refuse the Facebook. In fact, in the novel I'm working on now, it's implied by one of the characters that the downfall of an ancient civilization was the direct result of social networking over a massive interstellar network. So there you are: Facebook use leads to Armageddon. Hey, I didn't say it, Kirin did (one of my characters).

CJ, didn't you have a character named Kirin once...? If so...hey thanks for the name...

I'm sorry, I would have commented sooner, but I was on Facebook

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