Sunday, August 21, 2011

from March 10, 2009

Originally posted 3/10/09 - titled Another Year Older...

Here I am another year older and another year’s worth of water under the bridge and another dance complete and... Well, you get the picture...

Yes, this is the first entry of yet ANOTHER blog I’ve started. I think I’ve found my home now though. I intend to use this more as a journal of sorts and less of a promotional outlet. The others things I’ve done have either been centered around work, updating a PBEM game I used to run or as a podcast for our son’s band. I’ll be glad to supply links, if they’re wanted, but suffice it to say that this is going to be my presence.

Why here? Well, for one, I like Apple. :) I’m using iWeb and am actually typing this offline with intentions of posting when I get home. Now that I have a MobileMe account, I have the website as a bonus, so I figured I’d use it. Could I tie work in here? Yes, I could, but I have a blog there and our policy is to use the provided website. If I can’t let the teachers do it, why should I try?

Okay - before this gets out of hand and WAAAY too long, I’ll sign off. More next time...

Two comments -

dang baby brother!! yeah, I let your birthday slip by me....sorry about excuses, but I hardly ever know what day of the month I'm currently enjoying. lots of times I don't know the day of the week either! anyway...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and remind me to tell you about what I ran across Tuesday that you will remember when you see it...actually kinda ironic, since that was your birthday.......hmmmmmmmmm

Man....... I sure had forgotten that your birthday was in March. Hope you had a good one. You may be as old as I am now!!!!!

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