Thursday, October 31, 2013

No more parts - just talk :-)

Model cars. That was a hobby of mine when I was younger and I rediscovered it when we lived in Jackson and the boys were small. Vanessa was playing softball as her "outlet" and I would take care of the kids. It was only fair, as she took care of them ALL DAY as a stay at home mom while I was away at Madison Millwork selling "cradco" windows. :-) That's what Kyle called Caradco brand windows.

Anyway, I bought a Chevy Pickup 454SS from AMT and had a blast with it! It was my first model purchase in YEARS. I bought it at the Hobby Lobby in Jackson over where the Goodwill store is now. Soon we moved to Marion, AR and I put it aside, but then when we moved back to Tennessee I picked it up again.

Over the years since them I have bought MANY models, brushes, paints, etc. A few years ago I realized I didn't have the time to devote to it so I figured it would wait for retirement. Then I got into a computer game called Darkwind. I could play it in the living room and not be back in the utility room away from the kids, so modeling took a back seat once again.

Now, as you know gentle reader, I'm back into gaming again and I realize that, though I enjoy models and miniatures, etc., I would rather spend my time making music, writing songs or gaming. Thus, a thought occurred to me. To sell some of my models.

What follows are pictures of what I have in my "immediate" cabinet. I have many more boxed up, but these were easy to get to and snap a quick pic with my iPhone. I have some people on the Modelcarlist Yahoo Group that have expressed interest in seeing what I have, so rather than flood the list with pics I thought I would put them in a blog post then send a link to those people. If there's no interest, or partial interest, I can send the link to the list as a whole.

I do NOT have prices listed. I am trying to be fair here and make a good deal for some nice people. That being said I am not selling these "because I need the money" so they are NOT going for dirt cheap. They are not eating or drinking, as my dad used to say, and some of these were "grails" for me. (translation for non modelers - something from my youth that I wanted again and had to search out because it's not readily available) Those, of course, are worth quite a bit to me to just keep for nostalgia so they will be harder to get...

What do I want? Money is fine, but I'm also VERY into the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight. This is still in print and a very popular game, so the ships and expansions are still readily available. I am VERY happy to entertain a trade. I am also very interested in the Star Wars "Edge of the Empire" RPG from the same company and would consider trading for books and such from them...

That being said, let's get to the models shall we... This is NOT just a simple list, as this blog is also about memories and what's going on in my mind. If you're not looking to buy or trade you are still welcome to watch me reminisce...

No particular order. This one (above) was bought at a thrift shop. Appears to be complete inside - still in plastic. Happy to supply a photo of the contents if

This was bought on eBay - still sealed, though there's a "hole" in the plastic on the front. This was a "grail" for me... We had a 1979 Chevy Pickup with a 454 Engine. The hood ornament said "Chevy Sport," so these caught my eye. The step side version back then had "Chevy Sport" on the decals on the back wheel humps as well as the hood ornament. No extra charge for the real estate (the dust).

I bought this one new, opened it, closed the box and put it on the shelf. I like "real" cars like you'd see on the streets so I picked this one up but never started it.

This used to be my dream car, so I ended up with several of the models. Was working on "other things" to bring my skills up before tackling this one. Bought it new and it's still sealed.

Bought this one on eBay several years ago. I was looking for a Monte Carlo SS and this came up in the search, so I bought it. It appears to be complete inside and I bought it as such, but I have NOT inventoried it. 

May, 2009 Fine Scale Modeler. Had a bonus book in the outer plastic. I think I had two copies so I left this one sealed. It was crammed in the back of the cabinet, so it's not "flat" anymore. I have many more magazines as well, as I was a subscriber to Scale Auto for awhile, but I've not run across those yet.

Bought on eBay several years ago. Supposedly complete, but again not inventoried (I did verify the bikes appeared to be there). Box is VERY rough. SOLD

Still sealed. Another "grail" for me. I bought two at a hobby shop in Memphis and started one of them. Haven't gotten to it yet in my stash to post, but if you're really interested in this one that is still sealed and you want the other (body primed, engine started I believe - I know I black washed the wheels) just let me know.

Bought at hobby lobby and never opened.

Also from Hobby Lobby. Was on clearance rack and couldn't resist. :-)

Two magazines/catalogs I kept for inspiration/research. Both in GREAT shape! Very clean and look brand new!

Easy SnapTite #3 small scale. No box top. Appears to all be there.

Can't remember why I picked this up, unless it was for the "hardware" stuff. Some of the gold trees have been stripped. Can't remember if it's all there or not, but I think it is.

I have no idea what this chrome tree is from or where I got it. :-) SOLD

Still sealed. Never had an interest, but picked it up at Big Lots several years ago. Thought I might part it out at some point or at least use it for trade fodder.

Another grail for me. This used to only be available in resin, then I saw this at Hobby Lobby and HAD to have it! Again, was waiting till my skills improved before tackling it. Opened it, but never started.

Partial kit... I was playing around with mating this body with the back of a Ranchero and I put a "roof spoiler" on the body like on the Mad Max car. Was a good experiment, but never finished. Still has the decals and everything but the body I think.

Still sealed. I went through a phase where I was buying all the pickups I could. :-) SOLD

I think I bought this one new, but I'm not sure. Appears to be complete.

I built this kit but saved the box. The dental tools are kept in it, and yes they are for trade too, but they are HEAVY!

I think this came from Wal-Mart. Appears to be complete.

Not a grail, but again it's a "real" car and American Muscle, so I picked it up. Opened but never started.

Also bought new & opened but never started. SOLD

A common kit over the years, but meant something to me because it's a 70's Chevy pickup, which has a special place in my heart. Plus my dad's mechanic when I was growing up, Wyman Doss, drove one JUST like the cover art. I was going to scratch build a gas cap behind the driver's door. Opened - never started.

Bought new - opened - not started. Was not going to use the decals, but liked the replacement headlights.

Yep - another grail. Picked it up on eBay. Supposed to be complete. SOLD

Bought it new. Still sealed. Picked it up to make a Mad Max car before the real one came out in plastic.

Another eBay purchase. Thought I'd use it for parts or potentially a rebuild or "worn" car.

Sealed. Yet another pickup. :-)

Bought this one at Wal-Mart on clearance. Had been opened, but appears complete.

Same with this one.

Paint still in there, but probably dried up. Bought new, opened & not started.

Traded for this at a swap meet in Memphis several years ago. I think it had a note that said "plug wires missing." Supposedly complete otherwise, This is a grail, to a degree, cause it's the GNX version and the original Monogram and not a Revell re-release.

Another eBay purchase. Again, a "real" vehicle and a pickup. Appears complete.

That's it for now! Email me at with any offers or questions.

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