Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Model Cars (and game stuff to sell/trade)

Someone has bought a few of the ones from the last post. In pulling those out to box and mail I realized I had missed snapping some pics... I also promised the buyer I'd give him first shot at the next ones, so I went to the NEXT cabinet and pulled a few to take pics...

I have also traded some gaming items to the local store for X-Wing product. I have what is left over from that trade pictured below as well. I was actually negotiating with an online store to trade them, but the offer he was making was not quite enough to suit me, so I kept them. They will eventually go to eBay, when I have time. :-)

I really think I bought three of the above model, but I only had one in this cabinet. It has been started and had some painting done - rattle can on the body and sanded. Still needs more paint and maybe more body work. I remember this one being a rough body but lots of potential, so I made some "sprue goo." LOL - it's funny what we remember sometimes...

The body and hood....

Wheels assembled and engine partially assembled...

This is one of the first things I did with an airbrush... The chassis is flat and gloss black mixed to make a semi-gloss. I bought this one on clearance at Wal-Mart and I think that's all I did to it. I'm thinking some of the parts might have been missing though...

This was one of the first clearance kits I bought and it appears to be complete inside. I didn't care about the diorama, but it's in there as well. I wanted it because of the Nomad. :-)

Picked this up on eBay. Supposed to be complete inside but never inventoried. Since I found the two identical ones at Memphis not long after I chose to start one of those.

Remember me mentioning "real vehicles?" Well I also liked anything to do with pickups and trailers. :-) Bought it new - opened but never started.

Only Tamiya kit I own... I actually have TWO of these - this one has a tear in the box but was never started. The other was started and packed away somewhere... Haven't gotten to it yet...

This was a grail and I traded a busted laptop computer to my brother-in-law at the time for it... There was a hobby store in Dyersburg pre-Internet and he had one! Unopened! Of course it because opened as soon as I brought it home. :-)

Pretty sure this came from eBay and is believed to be complete. I couldn't get enough Chevy pickups I guess. :-)

Might be hard to tell what this is... It's an unopened Revell "drop cloth" - Hobby Lobby clearance.

Another Chevy pickup - this one an S-10. Bought several years ago on eBay - another "should be all there" kit. Wouldn't put it together now though as our son was almost killed in a red S-10 a few years ago.

Traded for this one from the same brother-in-law that I got the Gone Fishing set from. This was a Christmas present from years before and was open but supposed to be complete. I was going to make a "Car Wars" car like in the Steve Jackson Games board game. Never got to it... :-)

I have two of these boxes. One has the Hurst Olds in it complete and the other has the Hurst Olds complete minus the clear sprue. The other four cars have since been traded.

There was a Mach I boat & pickup kit that was similar to the Gone Fishing kit. I built the boat, but didn't use the decals.

The 64-1/2 was traded a long time ago. I believe the other two are complete.

Though it's not a true "grail" for me, this one was an exciting one as it was bought new and opened by me and has the light bar and I think all the stuff like the guns from the old Force 440 kit. That one is a grail for me.

This one is still sealed. Bought at Big Lots. Didn't see a lot of kits there but I could never resist them. At that price I'd use it for something. :-)

Here's the new sealed one like the Yellow one I posted before (which has been sold).

Bought this on eBay - didn't know it was small scale till I got it in...

Colton put together a snap rite kit of this and I liked it, so I picked one up at Wal-Mart I think. Supposed to be complete.

This is probably my favorite grail, as it is the last kit I remember working on as a kid. I love the color scheme of the box art and - yep - it's the Chevy Sport again! This one even has the larger mirrors like my dad always used...

Now on to the game stuff...

Above is the unopened Cardboard Heroes set. Still sealed, so not cut at all. Closeup of ISBN.

Softback First Edition of the GURPS Swat sourcebook. Was stored, but still good and clean - and flat. 

This is supposedly hard to find... It's the first of the Deck Plans sets for GURPS Traveller. I opened it to make sure all was good. Still SUPER clean on the inside. Bag dusty from being stored.

Hardback GURPS book - TransHuman SPACE. Not 100% "clean" because it's been in a box for a while.

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