Sunday, October 27, 2013

Part Three - where do I start?

LOL - yep - it's been a busy two weeks...

As a point of catch up, let me say how PROUD I am of Vanessa and her work with EMT school! Awesome job, babe, on the mid-term test and the class in general. I am proud of what you've done and proud of what you are doing!

I've posted a few videos recently of James Wallace and I doing some picking... I actually recorded six songs but have only posted three of the videos... I am working on another video project now for a friend, so I really need to get these other three out. They can be found on my YouTube channel -

James and I have been asked to play for Dyersburg State Community College in November. This will mark the return of "The Bare Basics" as a performing bluegrass group (in the form of a duo) in over 3 years. Very exciting!

I have not written a full song in a couple of weeks, but they have been busy weeks... Not that that should be an excuse, but it is a reason. Tuesdays have been spent with James rehearsing and "tightening up" our material. He and I both have a GREAT deal of fun with it, but we also take it very seriously and don't mind playing the same song six times in a row to work out the details and to get it right.

Also, there was a plan in the works that did NOT materialize that would have put me back in front of a microphone on a weekly basis. The venue fell through where me and three others were going to be in a dance band, much like the Friday night thing I sit in on from time to time. Well I got a call yesterday from the band leader. He needs me to play bass and sing next Saturday night at a new venue that is wanting to try and get something going. This could still turn into a regular gig.

And lastly, I had intended to talk more about gaming via this blog. I could have typed several things in the past couple of weeks, but I have spent some serious time actually performing the activity. I have lots to say on the subject but for now let me just say that it's a great activity and one I'm glad I found again after quite a while out of it.

Talk to you soon, Gentle Reader...

(which reminds me - I finished the latest Stephen King book "Doctor Sleep" this week... GREAT book!)

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