Friday, October 11, 2013

Part Two of Several

This post will be about gaming...

First, for those that might not know, I have hosted Car Wars PBEM (Play by E-Mail) games off and on for YEARS. Event number 40 just finished and I'm working on event number 41...

Event 40 -

If this is something you are interested in, then email me and I'll add you to the "waiting list."

Vanessa and I were in Memphis Monday. We stopped by Barnes and Noble looking for some Wave 1 ships for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. One of these "several" posts is planned to be about that game. Depending on the length of this post, I might get into that, but I wanted to mention something we picked up at B&N. 

They had a few tables of clearance items. On one of the tables we found a box of these...

There are six in a package for $3.99.


But of course on clearance they were 75% off... Yep - $1.00 for all six! I enjoy rolling real dice as much as possible, so I keep some 6 sided with me for Car Wars. I took three of these to keep with me to replace the "pip" dice I usually carry. The gamer in me wants to roll numbers instead of pips. :-)

Then in Nashville yesterday I found a nice Green dice bag the size that I used to carry. Yep - the other three went in there and I'll be pulling my other dice I keep and putting them in that bigger bag. I feel a little more like the gamer I used to be... ;-)

More next time about gaming - hobbies - etc.

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