Monday, December 12, 2016

December 2016 12 of 12

My 12 of 12 - actually a bit more than 12

First one of the day - took a snap shot of my HAM rig in the truck...

Next, the current book I'm reading - it's the lead up to the new movie! Yes, I have tickets bought already - Thursday night at 7. :-)

Took none during the day - but took a pic of Vanessa during our supper at Chick Fil A - 

And here's MY cup of tea...

The next ones are pics of model cars and 'stuff' that I found in a box. I added them to my 'for sale' list. If you'd like to see the whole thing, let me know! No reasonable offer refused!

This is 'Interior Junk' - stuff you'd see in the car seat or maybe the floorboard. :-)

This is one of my favorite kits! I have two of them. This one I had started. You can see all the subassemblies and parts, etc. in separate bags!

Here's a copy of the Green Hornet I picked up! Never got around to building it either...

Unopened bottle of brush cleaner... Since I paint exclusively with acrylics now I have no need for this.

Styrene is great for scratch building! This is 'diamond plate' I was going to use for utility stuff (bumpers, flat bed decking, etc.).

One of the best deals you can get is the odds & ends assortment! Had sheets, rods, tubes, etc.

One of the projects I never got to was a duel wheel pickup with a home made flat or stake bed. These are resin copies of the duel wheels for the back and singles for the front. Was going to be a ton truck very much like those my dad drove.

Flocking - for 'carpet'

Have three or so copies of this kit! This is one I started. This was my dream car for years. Pretty much gave up on it now though...

And last, some pipettes - these are great for moving paint from one bottle to another. Again, with using acrylics and not using an airbrush it's not something I figure I'll ever use.

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