Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More Comic Acquisitions - Six Million Dollar Man complete

I have now completed my run of Six Million Dollar Man - the old Charlton Comics series from the 70's!

It was only nine issues, and the later issues are a little hard to find. Well, yesterday issues 5, 7 & 9 came in from sellers on eBay and it completes the run!

I already have the six issues of "season six" from Dynamite a few years ago and the latest issue of the new Dynamite series "Fall of Man" came in from My Comic Shop (dot com) yesterday.

I haven't posted it, but I read issue 20 of DC Comics Presents a couple of weeks ago. This was Green Arrow and once again this series is NOT what I remembered. :-)  Am I sorry to have finished the run? Not on your life! That's a part of my childhood and CLASSIC stuff from the Bronze Age! I'm still getting graphic novels from the local library via the Tennessee READS system (reading them on the iPad via the Kindle app), so I'm getting a more modern take on things as well.

Also - the latest issues of Flash came in yesterday and there was a nice take on the cover of the old issue 123 - Flash of Two Worlds. :-) This has been a recurring theme since I saw them do a tribute to that on the Flash television show last season. :-)

Anyway - ready for issue 21 of DC Comics Presents and was about to start reading it when I realized I hadn't 'reported' on the last read. :-)

One last thing - Russell - you might want to give the modern books a try! No, it's not the same as the Bronze Age, but there are still some good stories in there if you go looking! Not all of them, mind you, but there are some gems! :-)


The DC Comics Presents Show said...

Very jealous of your complete Six Million Dollar Man comics. I have a few left to finish! Aren't they great?

jimmylogan said...

Yes they are! The first 3 or 4 I had from childhood and read and RE read them many times. :-) That was my favorite television show growing up. :-)

It's no where near complete, but the magazine sized issues? Been picking them up as well. Had issue 1 and 2 from childhood - have gotten a couple more.