Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Models for Sale - 2nd try

This is a 2nd try - the first post had an issue with the way I pasted in the pics instead of uploading them. It's going to take FOREVER to upload pics, and I'm not doing this for a profit - so I'm attaching the PDF to this post.

I had some issues with a PDF attachment not going through email to some people, so I offered to post this up. Please note there are NO prices listed. I look at recent "sold" prices on eBay to determine a current 'street value' and then go from there. As I've said before, no reasonable offer is refused!

There are THREE kits here that honestly I don't care if I ever sell them or not. :-) They have sentimental value to me, or are something that have other value. (the two Chevy Sport pickups and the Mad Max car).

Now, on to the 'stuff'. There are lots of pics, so please be patient with the page loading…

Also - if you need to see any more pics of specific ones, let me know! Glad to do so!

I can be reached via email at or you can leave a message here.

Model Kits for sale - updated 12/14/16

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