Sunday, March 6, 2016

We Escaped!

Jackson now has an 'escape room' place -

I had mentioned to Vanessa that I would like to go sometime and she surprised me by booking a room completely up with 10 slots. She and I, of course, our good friends Deb & Tracy (who have done all the rooms BUT this one, which is why she chose it, so they could do it with us), Colton & Tiffani (and Andrew, though he probably won't remember it), our good friend Michael and his new wife Leigh and my old high school buddy Craig.

We went into a locked room and and then and it was so funny when Tracy thought but instead it was . Oh my! :-)

Seriously, though, I can't tell you ANYTHING about it for two reasons - 1) I hate spoilers and 2) you agree not to share anything from inside the room. I can tell you we did "intrigue" and now I'm hooked and want to go back and do the others! Thank you babe! It was a GREAT time!!!

We are already looking at what's available in the Indianapolis area so we can do one with Kyle & Devin (and her friends?) when we make our next trip there. Maybe if we can make it to Gencon this year we can do one with some podcasting friends I've made...

She also surprised me with a couple of board games that I had been wanting for some time... Double Feature - a party game about movies, but not movie trivia. I had heard about it on a podcast and I think it will be a great thing to bring out at Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

The other was Codenames, which almost every podcast I listen to mentioned it as being THE best party game of 2015! Again, thank you babe! You treat me too good!!!

The rest of my gift will be tomorrow - I have a massage booked at 3:30. I plan to work through lunch and leave early, then leave from there and head straight home. Ahhhh.....


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