Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Comic Books

Posted this on a BBS message board (yes, those things still exist) and thought I'd copy/paste it here as well... This was in the Memories area of Fido_net

Any memories of comic books?

My first comic was a Little Monsters issue that my
big brother (one of them, the younger, yet larger,
of the two) brought to me while I was in the
hospital after having my appendix removed. It was
my first exposure to comic books and I liked it!

I was 10 at the time, in 77, and my dad talked
about the 'funny books' he saw as a kid. I already
knew who Superman and the rest of the Super-Friends
were thanks to Saturday morning television, and
next thing I knew my dad was picking up a handful
of comics at the gas station every week or two.

I still have all of those earlier ones, in bags,
in boxes. Over the years I've had as many as 800
Comic Books, sold a few, traded a few, but still
have the ones that have sentimental value.

Well, recently I decided to 'get them back out'
and inventory them and even try to fill in some
holes on some of my favorite series. DC Comics
Presents was one that ran for 97 issues and I
remember buying BRAND NEW the first dozen or so
issues, so now I'm looking for more.

Flash is my favorite all time character, and I
know there's no way I'll ever be able to collect them
all, back to the 60's, as they are just too expensive,
but I want to fill out my collection from the time I was
reading them "new" to the end (I got out of comics
before the series ended with issue 350).

Yes, I could go to eBay and just 'buy it now' on
most of what I'm missing, but there's two problems
with that... Number one, the cost. You can find
pretty much anything out there if you're willing to
pay the price, and I'm not willing to do that. :-)
Yes, I look for deals and bargains, and won't pass
them up, but there's no 'thrill of the chase' if
you're just clicking 'buy it now.' There IS some
thrill of the chase when you're hunting that bargain
though... ;-)

And second - there's just something fun about riffling
through a box of comics at a vendor's booth at a
convention (I picked up four issues of DC Comics
Presents at Comic Con Memphis a couple of months ago)
or asking about the silver and bronze age at a comic
shop. Having these things IN YOUR HAND is part of the
fun. :-)

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