Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sharing a Facebook Post

Hey folks - yep, been a while. I've not been on Facebook as much lately either, but that's where I have posted things. Actually today I posted this -

Seeing Vanessa's post overnight about Tiffani made me realize I've had something on my mind for a while now... I've been meaning to post this but wanted to have a minute to stop and actually say it the right way. 
Vanessa is much more than just my wife and the mother to our children, she is my soul mate and my partner for life. She is ALWAYS there for me and supports everything I do and I want to thank her for that now.
In addition, I want to publicly say that I am SO so very proud of her! She has pursued her dreams and done SO much in her life! She went to college at a late age and worked through THREE degrees to make her dream of teaching a reality. She has touched SO many lives in that way!
She has been a fan of The Barnetts since she was very young and has told me she always dreamed of singing with them. Well that's been made a reality as well!
She became interested in being a First Responder and went through the training, then went into training to be a full blown firefighter. Again, she aced it all and has touched even MORE lives!
Then she decided to go back to school again and is now an EMT (Advanced EMT I believe is her technical title) and is touching even MORE lives in that regard.
Do you see a pattern here? She works toward HER dreams but these actually allow her to SERVE others and make an impact. Those lives touch other lives and it's a snowball/domino effect and I could not be more proud of her.
I love you Vanessa!

For those following here for the music, we were at Grinder's Switch Radio Hour again this past weekend, and Vanessa performed a song with me! I'm currently working on getting the video uploaded to YouTube and will be posting links very soon...

Til then!

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