Friday, February 6, 2015

a new year

Well, 2015 is upon us! Sadly I went over 30 days without an update, and for that I apologize... Been a busy year so far!

I would like to point out that I'm VERY very proud of Vanessa and the community work she is doing in EMS! She is an EMT-IV (that's eye vee, not four ;-) ) and is working most every weekend on an ambulance as well as continuing with the volunteer work! Again, I am VERY proud!

[EDIT: I said that wrong... She has completed her 'bridge' to EMT-A (advanced) - sorry babe!]

The boys are doing good! We get to see Colton and Tiffani often, though of course not nearly enough. They came over a couple of Sundays ago and we played several games of Settlers of Catan! The gamer in me was happy, but the dad and husband in me was even happier getting to spend time with Colton AND Vanessa doing something fun like that!

Been playing via with Kyle every week, and that's been a blessing! It's not the same as getting to see him in person, but to see his smiling face and to game and joke (and joke and game) together is great! Having my high school gaming friends along for the ride is a little icing on the cake. :-)

The band on Saturday nights is moving right along! Stacy is back after his surgery (he played the second set last week) and it's good to have him! He's a great guy! His interim was Jeff Hale and an EXCELLENT drummer! He was able to step in and play like he'd been doing it for years! Of course it's because he HAS. :-) Also a great guy - fun to be around and always striving to be the best he can!

I've starting booking things on the solo front for 2015. I'm scheduled to play Relay for Life in May for the Dyersburg one, and I've been talking to others in West Tennessee about it as well. I support the organization 100% and want to share my talents. And of course I get to have Vanessa on stage with me as well as we are working on some duet stuff to perform as well as working more Gospel numbers in.

That leads me to something I can't share details on yet, but I'm working on something 'on the side' that includes bluegrass as well as bluegrass gospel. It will be vocal work by me, Vanessa and the two of us together as well. It will include original music, some old favorites and some meaningful "non mainstream" stuff. That's all I can say right now, but I do covet your prayers for this! Not sure where it will lead, but I'm willing to open the door and step through...

That's it for now! Oh, one more thing... In case you missed it, here's the first new song of 2015. Enjoy!

If you want to see it on YouTube, here's the direct link -

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